The U.S. government wants to introduce within five years, an astronaut on the moon. At the request of President Donald Trump, the “official policy was” that the first woman and the next man on the moon by astronauts from the United States, said Vice-President Mike Pence in a speech in Huntsville in the U.S. state of Alabama. At the same time, Pence practiced sharp criticism at the US space Agency Nasa, he was “accused of being bureaucratic, hard-to-maturity”.

The next people on the moon would start with US rockets from the US to the moon, NASA said Pence. Last landed in 1972, people on the moon. The next manned Mission was originally scheduled for the year 2028. The development of the new rocket, the SLS had been delayed but that the first test flight was recently postponed to the year 2021.

Mike Pence calls for a “new mentality” in the case of Nasa

Pence Nasa accused in his speech a “paralysis by analysis”, which would have led to delays in the SLS rocket. He called for a “new mentality” in the space Agency. Otherwise, it threatened the Pence, for the next moon mission on private space travel company: “If commercial rockets are the only way to bring American astronauts in the next five years, to the moon, then it will be a commercial rocket.”

60 years of space travel history

How Nasa is more than just the moon, conquered

By Till Bartels

Pence called for in his speech to the ropes. A Failure of the five-year goal was “not an Option”. He pointed to the competition with China in space travel and the landing of a Chinese robot on the back side of the moon. During the 60s the United States were in a “race”, only that today, the “challenges are greater”.

Washington had ceased its Space Shuttle program in 2011. To the International space station ISS, US astronauts have been able to reach since then, with Russian Soyuz rockets. The contract with Russia expires in November 2019.

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