After shots in a high-rise building in Heidelberg, the police found three bodies in an apartment: two men and a woman. It was anticipated according to the initial findings of a family drama, a police spokesman said on Wednesday the German press Agency. The investigators suspect that the perpetrator is among the dead.

the circumstances of The homicide on Tuesday evening are still unclear, according to a joint communication of the Prosecutor’s office of Heidelberg and the police headquarters in Mannheim. In the apartment In the 15. Floor, the officers also found a firearm.

local resident heard shots and called the police

A local resident had heard the shots and then shortly before 22 clock the emergency call is selected. A special squad of the police arrived, according to local residents, with around twenty vehicles and a helicopter. Also police dogs were in action and several of the rescue. To 0.30 PM, the task forces penetrated with black helmets and protective vests in the apartment on the top floor, blew up two doors. Local residents said they heard a loud Bang.

The use of forces blocked the area around the residential complex in the district from Emmert reason on a large scale. On early Wednesday morning, the track were safe in the apartment.

The house master said, the police in this multi-family home more often. The area is regarded as a social focal point.

source: police in Mannheim

tkr / DPA