the Union and the SPD is threatening in the European election in Germany on may 26. May, according to a survey of the significant losses. The CDU/CSU, according to the Insa survey for the “image”newspaper at 30 percent, and would lose in comparison to the European elections 2014, more than
5 percentage points.

The SPD is thus reached only 15 percent, which would mean almost half of your earnings in 2014. Would benefit the Greens, 17 percent would be a good 6 points more than in 2014. Also, the AfD would increase by 12 percent – an increase of nearly 5 points, as well as the FDP, with 8 percent, which would be more than doubling their previous result. The Left would keep 8 percent of your last about.

if you Count the CDU and the CSU as separate parties, would have currently eleven parties a Chance to send MEPs to the European Parliament, said in the report. Including the Free voters, animal protection party, the PARTY and the pirate party.

INSA chief Hermann Binkert said, among other things, to the fact that every fourth person entitled to vote who wants to participate in the European elections, still does not know which party he’ll choose. “Up to the European elections on may 26. May is so much movement possible.”