With conspiracy theories and a call to Lynch murders in Washington, had called the Journalist Goodloe Sutton ingloriously into the memory of the Americans – now the editor of the newspaper “Democrat-Reporter” from Alabama was replaced by the African-American Elecia Dexter. The 46-Year-old is both the publisher as well as editor-in-chief and has a rapid rise – because she just has to stay for six weeks in the case of the leaf, the owner of Sutton.

KKK. in “gated communities” go

The award-winning controversial Journalist had written in the middle of February in an editorial that it was time that the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) receiving its nighttime actions “Democrats in the Republican party and Democrats” in Washington are the “true ruling class” that they forged in Secret plans, the tax in the state of Alabama to raise, he wrote.

Sutton called the KKK, in the “residential facilities” in the U.S. capital. At the same time he indulged in wild conspiracy theories, according to which the “elites from the North-East” took advantage of the various conflicts in the world where the United States is involved, in reality, for the maintenance of the “military-industrial complex” in the country. The poor southern state of Alabama is still considered particularly vulnerable to racism. There the Ku-Klux-Klan was, even after his ban is relatively popular.

“Let’s get you in front of the white man knees”

Goodloe Sutton

U.S. publisher calls the Ku Klux Klan to Lynch murders of “Establishment”


His contribution was not little caused as a surprise to harsh criticism in the United States, it was the first openly racist article in the sheet. In 2017, an anonymous guest post appeared here, on the discussion of kneeling athletes. As a Protest against racism the football player Colin Kaepernick during the playing of the US anthem then was gone in the knee, which caused, especially in conservative circles for criticism. Even US President Donald Trump to handle the Protest. In the contribution of the “Democrat-reporter” said: “It was the black people 200 years ago, taught to kneel before a white man. Let her kneel.”


Elecia Dexter’s new Twitter presence, in the name of the “Democrat-Reporter”

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Elecia Dexter will fordernen the newspaper in an out and the decisive Moment to take in the sheet, and more: The “Democrat-Reporter” standing for 140 years for quality news, and has full confidence that Ms. Dexter will continue that Tradition. According to their own testimony, Dexter, and Sutton would have had an open discussion about the direction of the sheet. For his editorial, has not apologized but the Ex-editor so far.

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