23. April: justice Committee Trumps Ex-consultant McGahn for testimony before

former US presidential Advisor Donald McGahn, one of the key figures in the Russia-investigation by special investigator Robert Mueller, invites to testify before the Congress. The hearing before the judiciary Committee of the house of representatives should on 7. May take place, – stated in the corresponding summons, the Chairman of the Committee, Jerry Nadler on Monday. Subpoenas from Congress are binding committees.

The report by special investigator Robert Mueller has provided, after almost two years of investigations, no clear evidence of misconduct on the part of President Donald Trump, or members of his election campaign camp. However, in the more than 400-page final report, also numerous references that point to a possible judicial interference by Trump. A review had left Mueller open. The Trump appointed Minister of justice, William Barr saw no occasion for an indictment.


report on the Russia-affair

“It is nonsense, if Trump now claims that he had undergone a ‘total acquittal'”


The legal expert McGahn had worked extensively with the Team of the special investigator. The legal Advisor should also be one of those in the White house have been, the sat instructions Trumps to possible violations of the Law.

Within the US Democrats, there is currently disagreement as to whether the Mueller Report set out the possible legal crossings Trumps to be used for impeachment proceedings against the President. The chances that this leads in the end to a farewell Trumps from the White house, are low. Ultimately, the currently, the Republican-dominated Senate decides.

22. April: Trump fights back in court against disclosure of tax records

Donald Trump is defending himself in court against the attempt of the Democrats in Congress, to get insight in the finances of the US President. Lawyers Trumps and the Trump organization filed a lawsuit against it that the Democrats want to force the handover of financial documents. With a stunning majority in the house of representatives, the Democrats push ahead with investigations against Trump. The Chairman of the audit Committee, Elijah Cummings, had requested documents in this context of a company’s financial, with the Trump and his companies for many years, the accounting have worked together. Cummings issued a Subpoena, with which he can put under penalty the surrender. Trump’s lawyers argue that this step was inadmissible. Trump is suing as a private person, not as a President.

18. April: “My presidency is over”: Trump should) upset on Russia-studies

have responded to The U.S. Department of justice has published the Parts of the redacted report of the FBI special investigator Robert Mueller to Russia-investigation (the full document, which includes 448 pages, can be read here. The document States that US President Donald Trump to be engaged, as he was informed by his former Minister of justice for the first time by the investigations and the appointment of the special investigator Robert Mueller.

On page 290 is quoted Trump with the words: “Oh, my God. My presidency is over. I’m the Ar***.” The President is said to have become angry and his former justice Minister Jeff Sessions, the appointee Robert Mueller as a special investigator, and the investigation, permitted, ready-made. The establishment of a special investigator would ruin “your presidency”, he was told Trump. “It takes years and I’m not going to be able to do anything. This is the worst thing that ever happened to me.”


report of special investigator Robert Mueller, page 290

©U. S. Department of Justice (Screenshot)

The quotations are from notes from Jody Hunt, at this time Chief of Staff to the Minister of justice Sessions. Accordingly, the Trump was the 17. May 2017 informed about the investigation by the special investigator.

Mueller had examined in detail whether the election camp of US President Donald Trump collusion, met with Russian government representatives regarding the alleged interference by Moscow in the US election of 2016 – and whether or not Trump disabled the judiciary.

18. April: Trump’s daughter Ivanka to the world Bank wanted to Boss

US President Donald Trump make wanted to make his daughter Ivanka, the Head of the world Bank. The Ivanka Trump in a Video Interview with the AP news Agency says. The US President himself had recently spoken in an Interview with “The Atlantic” about the President’s daughter has confirmed this once again. She said the question had been in the room. However, was your answer she was happy with the work, which make them in the Trump Administration. And thus, the subject was then, apparently, from the table of the Oval Office.

17. April: Trump puts a Veto against the Resolution to U.S. military aid in Yemen

US President Donald Trump has inserted its Veto against a Resolution of the Congress, which should put the US assistance to the military operation in Yemen, under the leadership of Saudi Arabia. In the two chambers of Parliament of the decision adopted at the Trump had been instructed all the forces to the support of the controversial Operation within 30 days of the withdraw. On Tuesday evening (local time) Trump but I have to say that it has been vetoed by the initial second of his term in office. To override this Veto, would be in both Congress chambers, respectively, a two-thirds majority is necessary, which is likely hard to achieve – even if in the Senate, some Republicans voted with the Democrats, and so the necessary majority had made sure of that.

The United States supports the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, with intelligence information for the identification of target data. The Congress found fault with his decision that the US would use armed forces in the framework of the Operation without the approval of Parliament. The Resolution does not expressly said the Refueling of American aircraft in the air, flying for the coalition in Yemen. This practice had stopped in the U.S. in last autumn.

In Yemen, Houthi rebels have been fighting for more than four years against the supporters of the internationally recognized government. Their troops are supported by Saudi-led coalition air attacks.

16. April: Ex-Governor Weld calls Donald Trump

The former Governor of the U.S. state of Massachusetts, Bill Weld, to make Donald Trump the candidacy of the Republicans in the election of 2020 in dispute. Weld said in the CNN, he’s going to sich to the candidacy of his party for the presidential election in November of next year to apply. He is the first Republican, the Trump challenge. Weld, who has referred to Trump as a “schoolyard bullies”, to the dissatisfaction of some Republicans with the political course, the appearance and many of the Statements made by the President. His chances are likely to be bad: According to surveys by the opinion research Institute Gallup Trump enjoys among supporters of the Republicans for months, the consent values on the order of 90 percent.

Weld said on Monday it would be a “political tragedy,” if Trump 2020 re-elected and four more years in office would remain. “I’d fear for the Republic.” The Ex-Governor accused the President, among other things, a mockery of the rule of law. Weld had attested Trump recently in the magazine “Rolling Stone” “malignant narcissism”. The 73-Year-old had 2016 on the side of the presidential candidate of the tiny Libertarian party, Gary Johnson, the Vice presidential candidate. In February, the Weld was returned to the Republicans.

While the field of Republican candidates for the presidential candidacy is thin, have thrown the Democrats already 18 candidates your hat in the Ring. The Senator had offered, including an indoor Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar, as well as the Ex-Congressman Beto O’rourke, the seat last year in the race for a Senate a lot of headlines. Also, the independent Senator Bernie Sanders, the runner already in 2016 in the democratic primary and then Hillary Clinton, wants to start another attempt. Other names in the conversation. Among other things, speculated about a candidacy of the former US Vice-President Joe Biden.

13. April: Trump wants to send illegal immigrants specifically, in “refuge cities”

U.S. President Donald Trump thinks seriously about illegal immigrants specifically in Democrat-ruled cities. Because the opposition Democrats are not willing to change the “dangerous immigration laws,” pull his government is “in fact” into account, migrants in so-called Sanctuary Cities (“refuge cities”), wrote Trump on Twitter. The Washington Post had previously reported, the U.S. government had considered such a Plan, but then not followed up.

Trump wrote in another Tweet, the “radical Left” represent always a “policy of open borders and open arms”. That’s why his idea should make you “very happy”. The “Washington Post” had reported on Thursday, the White house brought the idea for the first time in November into the conversation. To harm Trumps opponents, should be the aim of the Plan is apparently aimed at Sanctuary Cities, illegal immigrants to the Federal authorities to deliver. You have Democrats as mayors.

12. April: Trump does not remember how he of Wikileaks raved

After the arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, US President, Donald Trump declared that he was with the unveiling platform. “I don’t know anything about Wikileaks. That is not my affair,” said Trump on Thursday at the White house in Washington on questions of journalists.

He heard what had happened with Assange, and that it was now up to U.S. attorney General William Barr, a definition. To Ask Trump said that he had to be the case, no opinion. During the presidential election in 2016, the Republicans had praised Wikileaks and said that he love the organization.

Assange was arrested on Thursday in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. The U.S. has made an extradition request to the UK. The U.S. Department of justice, accuses Assange of conspiracy with the Whistleblower Chelsea Manning to Penetrate into a computer network of the government.

Assange was also advised of this in the headlines because of the revelation website in the presidential campaign of 2016, the stolen E-published Mails from the Democratic party. US intelligence services go according to their own statements, that the E-downloaded Mails from Russian hackers and Wikileaks were leaked to help the democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton damage, and Donald Trump.

11. April: Trump called for Brexit Deal “strictly”

Donald Trump accuses the EU of being “strict” with the UK. The US President refers to his criticism on the recent Brexit negotiation result. At a summit in Brussels, representatives from London and the European Union have agreed that the UK gets to the end of October, the exit of the Treaty in the Parliament to rubber-stamp. “The EU is the United States is also a brutal trade partner, this will change. Sometimes you have to give people room to Breathe, otherwise they will bite back at some point,” wrote Trump on Twitter. The head of the White house is a big fan of Brexits and criticized the EU on a regular basis. Most recently, he was due to Airbus subsidies, with punitive tariffs threatened in the billions.