The Turkish democracy is dead, it is said, since the election Commission has now decided that the mayoral election in Istanbul must be repeated. The candidate of the Opposition, Ekrem imamoğlu, had they won, but President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stirred up doubt in the outcome, spoke of “organised crime” and made it clear what he expected: new elections.

The Commission obeyed, and canceled the election. Democracy is dead: it’s true. But that’s not all.

Erdogan commits a tactical stupidities

It is, first of all, the whole truth, because the Turkish democracy has died in the last few years, many death. Would Erdogan won his last elections without voter fraud? In it there are big doubts.


That Erdogan does not recognise a choice, is not the worst thing in the message. He has no respect for the democracy that was to be expected. Ensure you should make in the light of the tactical stupidity. Erdogan has managed to the most powerful politician in Turkey since Ataturk, because he appeared only impulsive, but intelligent and deeply pragmatic.

He knew in all the years since 2002, to go as far as he what the time was, how much pressure the company endured, which signals he had to send. A younger, Erdogan would have been annoyed about the loss of Istanbul’s city hall is solid, but publicly executed, and the result is accepted. He would have been given as a good Democrat, and Turkish democracy is praised.

Earlier, Erdogan took a 50 percent

Erdogan has recently introduced a presidential system, which means that he needs as President in elections over 50 percent. The were him, but not even at the peak of his popularity, for sure. Earlier, as Prime Minister, he didn’t take the 50 percent, and his ACP they never had. You couldn’t govern with less, because there were a lot of smaller parties into Parliament.

But he wanted it: his own Constitution, he did as a President with all the “man Turkey”, as he was called. A new Era, a new time. So he has done himself no favors. It was too much, too fast, too early.


in April, established the mayor of Istanbul, Ekrem imamoğlu of the CHP, the largest opposition party in Turkey

©Burak Kara

What has changed? Erdogan’s Actions become irrational. Worries that you can’t judge him. He is a ruler in his late phase that takes hardly any Council, holed up in his world. Consisting mainly of his family.

The mayoral election in Istanbul is on the one hand, of symbolic value, because the city is like a small Image of the country. Erdogan himself was mayor, he once said: Whoever wins Istanbul, wins Turkey. On the other, but, above all, of financial value for Erdogan. The budget of the mega city consists of 24 billion Lira. He has made some people in the last years of the Empire. Entrepreneurs with ties to the Erdogan Regime, receiving orders. But also the family of Erdogan himself. All of his four children are involved in foundations, the funds from the city budget.

stubbornness and favouritism

Erdogan has lost his strategic wisdom, not only out of stubbornness, but because he is liable for himself, his Clan and his minions managed. The President is the head of a Clique, which is enriched with semi-legal to illegal means by the state.

You have to fear the worst, when Erdogan’s should be own Power once actually in danger.