There are people who believe that Donald Trump would actually be much richer than he is – in terms of its starting conditions. Up to 400 million dollars he is supposed to have according to the current value of his father. On the super rich list of the “Forbes” ranked it with three billion dollars in assets currently ranked 715, however, whether this estimate is true is unclear. As, indeed, it never was, what is the extent of his wealth really. Apparently the current President was as much to big data as well as to low – depending on what he wanted just by whom.

24 residential units to a lot of

in 2011, for example, his company wrote, the Trump organization, he had to sell 55 units of its Golf course in southern California to. Minimum bid per piece: three million dollars. In fact, there were only 31 units. The difference of 24 had a value of 72 million dollars – a lot of money that existed at the time only in theory.

known for a long time even Trumps is extremely flexible in dealing with the height of his Trump Towers in New York. Because of him the skyscrapers of the General Motors was on the corner, great, he had the floors re-numbered to be able to advertise that his tower has 68 floors. In fact, there are 58.

These examples come from Trumps “statement of Financial Condition”, a kind of financial self-disclosure, the company has potential business partners. The documents are intended to give an Overview of the assets of the Trump organization, both the possession of real estate is listed in it as well as liabilities. The “Washington Post” some of these documents. The sheet is called slightly disrespectful “advertising brochures”.

“overrated, values, key information

the reason for the skepticism:” For someone who is trying to get an accurate picture of trump’s wealth, are simply wrong, “the documents in error. In some of the missing information to the objects on which high credit loads. Some assets are overvalued are values. And some key information is simply wrong,” according to the paper. Meanwhile, members of the house of representatives to deal with the highly varying documents, a New York financial regulator has requested documents from AON, Trumps long-term insurer. The background is the suspicion that the Baumogul specified by the value of its real estate is too low to push premium payments, as an anonymous source of the “Washington Post” said.

About this type of business recently, trump’s longtime lawyer and sweeper Michael Cohen. After both had broken, had, says the former lawyer, that Trump had made exaggerated information as to his assets, when it had benefited from its goals – for example, in the case of the placement on the “Forbes”rich list. On the other hand, he had expected his assets to small in order to save taxes. The Ex-lawyer to be presented to the Congress documents to support its allegations.

Ex-lawyer of the President

Cohen sued Trump organization to millions amount

to deal with Due to this statement, members have begun to work closer with the Finance of the Trump organization. Whether these computing tricks and Figures of profiteering, are punishable, according to the “Washington Post” is unclear. That real estate developers would not be fudging their Numbers are unusual, so the sheet. However, there are laws against it, to cheat insurers and lenders with False. Whether Donald Trump will be held accountable, depend on whether or not he wanted to run his business partners intentionally misled and whether he had obtained through false statements to a financial advantage.

Donald Trump needs the money from the German Bank

The sheet of quotes the accounting experts Kyle Welch of the George Washington University with the words that the Trump organization could possibly have with exclusion clauses, potential investors indicate that they would not see the whole picture. Thus, the company would be on the safe side. Ironically, the exaggerated information could help the real estate Mogul even, so What. He had never seen documents, which are the usual accounting rules overstretched in such a way. “It is a humorous financial statement,” says Welch. “I wonder who would fall for that.”


testimony of Michael Cohen

The four crimes of Donald Trump (the costs are not the U.S. President, the office)

By Nicolas Bush

According to Cohen, the Finance brochures for 2014 were also passed to Deutsche Bank, as a Trump for a loan needed to be able to the football team Buffalo Bills to purchase. “I have made the experience that Mr Trump has his’ balance sheets inflated, if he was able to take advantage of it,” said Cohen a few weeks ago at a hearing. Deutsche Bank is the largest creditor Trumps and is currently being examined by the financial Committee of the US house of representatives.

Possibly the suspects were documents in the game, as a Trump 2014 for $ 200 million, the historic post was to reconstruct the building in Washington to a Trump Hotel. In this case, the sum was even for Trump-ratios is extremely high, vouching, the auditor of Mazers, Trumps accountant as to the accuracy of the information. The preparation was carried out according to the usual rules, and is officially. Legally it could be so if Mazers has not reviewed all of the Numbers either or the Trump organization should have supplied incorrect data.

sources: “Washington Post”, “Forbes”, “Neue Zürcher Zeitung”, “New York Times”