The Federal privacy Commissioner Ulrich Kelber has no objection in principle to a passenger Car toll, which is calculated according to the distance driven.

“It is excluded in any case from the point of view of data protection, that intelligent toll collection systems are introduced,” said Kelber, the German press Agency. “It’s your expression.” After the Failure of the planned tolling with flat rate time Rates will be discussed on other models.

environmentalists and parts of the Green make for a more ecologically-oriented fee according to the kilometers driven strong that would incriminate the driver more. However, privacy concerns were, however, already become loud if Travel is by private cars should be electronically recorded. Kelber said, not necessary a legal basis for the processing of personal data. Systems will need to be adjusted – for example, with the strict Purpose limitation and immediate data deletion.

at the Urging of the CSU, adopted toll for Cars had been stopped in June by the European court of justice (ECJ). You saw that all the domestic car owners to drive an annual toll to pay, which depends on the size and environmental friendliness of the engine – no matter how often then really. For car owners from abroad, there should be also a short flat-rate tariffs for a period of ten days and two months.

According to the plans, Calls have already been to distance-related Alternative models according to. The Federal environment Agency (UBA) recommended a “performance-based” toll, according to the Motto: “Who travels a lot, pays a lot – those who drive little will pay less.” The baden-württemberg transport Minister Winfried Hermann (Green) advertises a toll to the distance traveled, the cost could vary depending on the time of day.

the Federation for environment and nature conservation Germany (BUND) for a similar approach. “In contrast to the announcement failed CSU-foreigner vignette of a well-designed distance have emission – dependent toll for Cars in a climate-policy steering effect,” said FEDERAL traffic expert Jens mountain specialized glass of the dpa. In view of the urgently needed CO2 reduction, a re – discussion of the toll collection should not distract from the essential and which can be implemented fast points-such as an end to the tax status of Diesel fuel or a CO2 pricing for fossil fuels.

transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) wants to initially focus on the processing of the stopped toll. The government stressed however, in response to a FDP request in principle, the judgment was “not a fundamental rejection of the user-financing”.

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