One had the impression of Fransziska Giffey bring laws in a weekly cycle. With your main, “Good-Kita-law”, of the Federal the countries of 5.5 billion euros for the Expansion of childcare available. In an Interview with the magazines “parents” and “parents family” responds to the Federal Minister for family Affairs, now on a critique of the use of financial resources. She also said improvements in parents ‘ money and says what she thinks of the in SPD circles, the much-discussed children’s basic security.

“never before has the Federal government spent so much for early childhood education. To invest In the education of children is also a matter of national Future,” said Giffey. The objection to many experts, the money could be used by the countries for the quality also for the abolition of the nursery fees, they do not apply. It should not be that in some States, up to 1600 euros a month for a nursery place due: “I don’t think it’s right and if in NRW, now a part of the Federal money will be used to make the last two years, free of charge, in view of contributions, where even high earners say: think of Since I to me three times whether I prefer to stay at home. And often the women. Often, the work itself in social Professions, which are urgently needed.”


Franziska Giffey, Federal Minister for family Affairs, senior citizens, women and youth, in her office in Berlin

©Verena Brüning Franziska Giffey: “Many have opted for the money”

The Minister used in a conversation is also the opportunity to say, once again, clearly your opinion about the so-called care allowance – this is paid to parents taking care of children between the first and third birthday, even, at first nationwide, now only in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg: “I’ve experienced in Berlin, and the negative effect this had in part, especially in areas of social deprivation. As the care came to money, many have taken your child out of the nursery, and for the money decided.”

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