For years rages in Syria, a brutal, merciless war that has destroyed the country almost entirely. Especially bad it has taken the city of Aleppo, whose Name has become a kind of Symbol for the Suffering of the Syrian people. Aleppo has been bombed in the past few years, heavily, was in a state of siege, and suffered under attacks from all sides involved in this war.

Many people have fled from Aleppo, and which endure still in the city, can blame no one, if they care first for their own Survival. In recent years, perhaps nowhere in the world so difficult as it is in Aleppo. But Mohammed Alaa is in addition to the struggle for one’s own life for those residents of the city have hardly advocate: animals, especially cats. In the meantime, he is as the “cat man of Aleppo” is known.

“cat man of Aleppo”: Mohammed Alaa cares in the war of cats

it All started with Alaa, distributed as an ambulance driver has worked, on the way home after work and food for stray and abandoned cats. Many of the animals had no owner any more, since they had fled before the war. Alaa remained in Aleppo, continued to care for the cats and took some of them.

by the end of 2015 Alessandra Abidin, an Italian cat lover, was a media report on Alaas commitment carefully. Abidin created a Facebook page for the project, which is also a lot of other people were aware of it. The page now has nearly 50,000 Users. Through many donations from all over the world, it was possible that Alaa has built a small shelter in which he brought the cats below. It was named after one of Alessandra’s favorite cats, Ernesto.


Mohammed Alaa supplied a cat in Ernesto’s Cat Sanctuary

The cat house of Aleppo has been the bright spot in a traumatized city. Especially many children, who knew in their life almost only war, found in the animals hope. However, the year 2016, in the Aleppo finally to the center of the war came. The city was almost bombed to the ground, the population suffered greatly under the siege by the Syrian army. Hundreds of thousands of people were trapped.

Syria war: Against the bombs no means

helps To were of the more than 170 cats in Alaas cat house. Alaa saved always more wounded cats from the streets. In retrospect, it is almost a miracle that even under these conditions, the supply of animals could be guaranteed. Against the bombs but there was no means. Shortly before the evacuation of Aleppo, the cat was taken home by a bomb, many cats were killed by bomb splinters. Also, the phosphorus bombs that were dropped on Aleppo, demanded not only among the people many lives.

In this Phase of the war, Alaa overcame the despair. On his Facebook page he posted a Video in which he said goodbye to his supporters. He was sorry that he let you down, but he did not know how long he would still be alive. Alaa left his city. But the history of cat Saviour of Aleppo did not end here. Alaa survived, and found, after it was ruhigt in Aleppo, again, comparatively, a place where he could build the cat house again.


veterinarian Mohammad Youssef (left) examines a cat

©Anas Alkharboutli DPA

Together with the veterinarian, Mohammad Youssef, he’s taking full-time for more than 200 cats. Also, a horse, doves, rabbits, and several dogs living on the railing four monkeys. “The war is still far, and Syria is still a country full of violence. But we will continue to try to improve the lives of so many forgotten Victims of war – the animals – ” it says on the Website of the institution. In addition, a Kindergarten and an orphanage to now.

sources: “Ernesto’s Sanctuary for Cats in Syria” on Facebook /

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