Who would like to sleep in Sweden with someone, you need his unambiguous consent. That is the law. In Sweden, the Supreme court has spoken for the first time, a judgment on the basis of its. A year after the entry into force of the controversial consent law, a 27-year-old man from the Stockholm judges, was condemned, among other things, because so-called negligent rape to a term of imprisonment of two years and three months. The court came to the conclusion that a Person against their will to sexual acts not explicitly say no, or otherwise your refusal must Express.

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stay in The new Sex act was on 1. July 2018 and entered into force. It specifies that both partners must be expressly and clearly visible with the sexual intercourse agree. Everything else will not be counted as rape, even if the Partner fights back physically or say no. Passivity should not be interpreted as a silent agreement. “Oaktsam våldtäkt” literally means “rough rape” and compare in the German the most, with the term “negligence” to.

the woman made it clear she didn’t want to have Sex

The lower court had sentenced the man initially convicted of rape three years and three months. According to the Swedish media, have been convicted of new criminal population of the unwary rape so far, six people from lower instances. The decision of the Supreme court is expected to now pave the way for the jurisprudence of other Swedish dishes.

The penalties for careless rape, the court put to eight months. The man was sentenced in addition, as noted by the lower court for the rape of a Minor and sexual harassment.

In the specific case, stayed the man with a woman he had previously been on social networks had contact. The wife had agreed that he stayed with her over night, but should have also made it clear that she wanted to have Sex with him. Nevertheless, it resulted in the night according to the court, his Finger in her abdomen, the woman was passive and not agreed to explicitly.

the law in Sweden, controversial

The court saw it as proven that the man had carried out sexual acts without the woman have voluntarily participated in it. At the judgment the fact that the two had agreed to lie in the same bed and that they only have underwear attached to change. The man did not intentionally, but with gross negligence.

The man denied to have committed a criminal Offence. He claimed to have thought the woman wanted to have Sex. He also pointed to the fact that he had stopped the sexual acts, as he had noticed that the woman wants to stop.

discussion In Sweden since the introduction of the law, what is considered verbal or non-verbal consent. The Swedish government had driven the new law after the #MeToo debate of 2017 forward. In the equality well-known Scandinavian country, the debate had hit a particularly high wave.

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