US President Donald Trump has achieved the planned construction of a controversial wall on the border to Mexico, a victory in court.

The US Supreme court free on Friday evening (local time) the way that the government can draw for the construction on money of the Ministry of defence. Trump wrote on Twitter, the decision was a “great VICTORY for border security and the rule of law”.

A Federal judge in California had issued in may a preliminary injunction, stating that Trump was initially no funds for the construction of the wall use that have not been approved by Congress. A court of appeal also decided that the government could not rely on the money during the legal dispute over. The Supreme court lifted the injunction, however, and upheld the use of the funds, while the legal dispute continues.

sections in Arizona, California and New Mexico are Affected. Because Congress refused the funds for the construction, wanted Trump to fall back to 2.5 billion dollars from the budget of the Ministry of defence.

The border wall is the promise of one of trump’s main campaign. The Republicans argued that only such a stronghold could be illegal immigrants, migrants, drug, people smugglers and criminal gangs on the outside. He has promised to leave in the long term, half of the approximately 3,200 Kilometer-long border with Mexico, build a wall. The Rest of the border is protected according to his words, by natural barriers such as rivers. Trump’s plans are highly controversial. Several organizations and States, do the legal.

Trump had originally announced that Mexico will pay for the construction of the wall. Nothing came of it. Trump therefore applied to the Congress of 5.7 billion dollars for the construction. The Parliament approved in the budget law for the until the end of September of the current financial year, but only 1,375 billion dollars for “new physical barriers”.

Trump called then, in February, a National state of emergency on the border. The measure gives the U.S. President made certain fully. Trump is convinced that he can spend by the state of emergency Declaration funds allocated by the Congress for projects other than the construction of the wall. From the point of view of critics of the money being used inappropriately.

The environmental organization Sierra Club and the Association “Southern Border Communities Coalition” filed a lawsuit against trump’s plans. The Supreme court explained that the government had shown to this point in time, “sufficient”, that the groups were not entitled to the use of the money challenge. The five conservative justices of the court voted in favour of the injunction to lift, with the use of the Central blocks had been. The four liberal judges voted against it.

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