Jussie Smollett staged a hate crime to himself, said the police. Because, I’m the victim and not the perpetrator, says the U.S. actor. Both sides attack each other publicly. And in the midst of this dispute, the Prosecutor’s office bursts and decides that nobody is to decide. On Tuesday, they had, surprisingly, all charges against the Star of the TV series “Empire” fall. The police and even the mayor of Chicago. Smolletts page celebrates the alleged acquittal. And the question remains: What happened now?

First of all, once again the case: at the end of January claims Smollett, two Masked people had attacked him at night in Chicago on the open road. The men had beaten him, with bleach poured over him and a noose around the neck. Also, you would have insulted him in a racist and homophobic, Donald trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again”. The alleged hate crime provides a lot of attention. Numerous expressions of support to reach Smollett.

in mid-February, then the turning point: The police arrested the actor, with Smollett, to a threatening letter to the Set of “Empire” is sent, and then two well-Known with the feigned attack assigned. The actor think he deserve to be little and wool diapers with the attack, a greater awareness and ultimately a higher Gage, the reading of the police. A Grand Jury reviewed the evidence and decides a charge. Smollett is accused in 16 points, including a false statement to the police and Sending a Drohbriefes. On the Latter a maximum prison sentence of five years is, in fact, if you send it to yourself.

Jussie Smollett sees his innocence is confirmed

On Tuesday the re-twist: All of the charges to be dropped. First, the Prosecutor explained her change of mind tight-lipped. You have checked “all of the facts and circumstances of the Case, and Smolletts of volunteer activities for the community, as well as his willingness, his $ 10,000 bail, not to reclaim” involved, it means only. Therefore, the setting of the procedure was a “reasonable solution”.

hate crimes

From victim to accused: Jussie Smollett, Chicago police Department

Smolletts family cheering then, the actor had been rehabilitated by the decision of the public Prosecutor’s office. “Our son and brother is an innocent man, whose Name and character have been drawn wrongly in the Dirt,” – said in the ABC statement released. Smollett himself rejects again any wrongdoing. “I was since the first day, at all levels, honest and consistent,” says the actor in front of reporters. “This was an incredibly difficult time,” he adds. “To be honest, one of the worst in my entire life.” His lawyer insists that there had been no Deal with the investigators.

a Little later in the case, leading the state’s attorney shall demand, that the decision was not a discharge and he did not personally consider Smollett’s innocent too. We stand by the findings of the police. The charges still to fall, in such cases, “neither new nor unusual”. Smollett was not a danger to the community.

mayor and police chief of the foams back in anger

The mayor of Chicaco, Rahm Emanuel and his police chief Eddie Johnson, the decision stunned. You give on Tuesday immediately, a press conference, in which they address the actor sharply: “Mr. Smollett’s still saying he was innocent, and still makes the Chicago police Department is bad. How dare he?”, a visibly excited mayor says. The decision of the public Prosecutor’s office was “an insult to all who respect the rule of law”. The chief of police, foams, speaks of a “circumvention of the judicial system” and calls for an apology for the city of Chicago. The evidence was overwhelming. I didn’t want to show before the court, should not now.

Allegedly staged crime

surprise twist: the charges against Jussie Smollett dropped

The Public will be able to for the foreseeable future no opinion about this evidence, because a judge has ordered, according to CNN, to keep the acts of the Case, under lock and key. Accordingly, little is known about the details of known. The police want to have “multiple pieces of evidence” to demonstrate that Smollett staged the attack itself.

According to US media, the authorities are in possession of video recordings, like the two men to have carried out the attack, wearing ski masks and sun buy glasses. This should be in the supposedly xenophobic attack has been used. The police will be based according to the Reports, the statements of the two men – two black brothers from Nigeria. This claim, Smollett, have you paid for the attack. In addition, the police argued with a check for 3500 dollars of Smollett, issued to one of the brothers. The lawyers of the actor, however, it is a matter of Smolletts a Personal Trainer. The actor was shocked that the attack came from his environment.

It is more or less a statement against statement. The act of the whimsical Smollett remains the case under lock and key, is probably clarified what really happened that night at the end of January in Chicago. But perhaps everything will clear up in a roundabout way, but still. Cheryl Dorsey, police officer, retired and a regular contributor to TV, says CNN: “We know that the police is telling the truth, if Jussies very good lawyers to sue the police Department of Chicago not because of damage to reputation or defamation.”

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