The owner of 7-Eleven stores in Ohio, has caught a shoplifter, but then be merciful, as he heard, why the Teenager wanted to steal. The report, among other things, CNN and “USA Today”.

Thus was Jitendra Singh last week, just in the office behind his Shop, when a staff member alerted him to the young thief’s attention. The Teenager was moved by the 7-Eleven, a combination of a Kiosk and a small supermarket, and secretly, candy, and chewing gum. At the checkout Singh have asked the young people to talk and asked him to make his pockets empty. The Boy, whose exact age is not known, however, first adorned and on other Demands of his full pockets, empty.

“If you’re hungry, then ask me”

Singh, CNN reported, as he asked the Teenager why he had inserted these things. To this I answered, he and his little brother were hungry. At this point a staff member had already a COP on the phone, but Singh has him hang up dependent. “I said: This is not a food. You steal gum and candy. If you’re hungry, then just ask me, I’ll give you food.”

In Belgium

store owner lures to report probably the dumbest gang of robbers in the world in the case

Instead of the incident to the police, gave the store owner the Teenager, then some real food and get him sent home. “The Boy had an honest Problem. He was no thief, steal me stuff to sell to you,” Singh CNN quoted. He didn’t want his “life” to ruin because of a few sweets. “If you’re goin to jail, you get an entry in your file and then you can’t get a good Job,” said the store owner.

customers of the 7-Eleven that had seen the incident to fellow employees, have shared what is happening in the network, and Singh was struck by a wave of enthusiasm. People who shop with him, would talk to him about it. Singh himself can understand. “For me, it was no big deal. I have only done what it would have done any normal person in my Situation”.

sources: CNN / “USA Today”.


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