experts expect the imminent beginning of a flu wave in Germany. In the second week of January, approximately 1260 confirmed cases of influenza in the absence of Robert-yet-Koch-Institute reported, informed the Association of Influenza.

This was by far the highest value of this season, which officially began in October and the beginning of December, slowly started. So far, in Germany there were eleven reported deaths associated with the flu.

The analysis includes only a small part of the disease process, since only selected practices samples to send and investigate. The real numbers are so much higher. The statistics shall be regarded as a good indicator of the flu’s development. So far this season, around 3680 laboratory confirmed Influenza cases were registered.

The components of this year’s vaccine is a good match to the previously discovered viruses of the type A. Who is now vaccinated, however, must wait up to two weeks, until the Vaccination is built. And it is not sure that every doctor gets the vaccine. More than 15 million doses have been already used. Several Thousand cans have already been imported from the EU countries, since the demand is not exactly to plan.

In the last season of around nine million people are gone due to Influenza illness to the doctor. Probably more than 20,000 people have died due to the flu, especially the Elderly with pre-existing conditions.