The SPD wants according to the media their plans for the basic pension for long reports year Insured now, but mainly from tax resources Fund. The reported ARD and editors ‘ network Germany, citing a draft law to Minister of labour, Mr Hubertus Heil (SPD). In the meantime, had been financed mainly from the social funds of the speech, which met with fierce criticism. Also, the new financing concept reaps opposition.

According to a report in the ARD capital studios, an agreement of salvation with the Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz (SPD) now, to cover the costs of the Union and the FDP, introduced in 2010, VAT reduction for hotel stays and to abolish what she should bring in 700 million Euro per year. In addition, revenue from the planned European financial transaction should be, therefore, a tax on securities transactions in the amount of 500 million euros, with used. In addition, the SPD wool 600 million euros from the resources of the working budget, as well as reform-related tax revenues in your calculations.


No fear of poverty in old age – so you save in shares and funds

Of Katharina Grimm basic pension: No more burdens for contributors

The remainder would be funded through savings in the cost of health insurance of the pensioners, reported the ARD Studio, the the bill was accordingly. There are additional revenues, which would be no expenditures. More burdens for contributors or performance limitations elsewhere will not give it, therefore, it was said.

Overall, the Ministry of labour is, therefore, the cost for the basic pension and of 3.8 billion euros in the planned introduction year of 2021. By 2025, the amount should rise to 4.8 billion euros in the year. The SPD holding to the waiver of a means test, which rejects the Union strictly. A prerequisite for the performance will be 35 years of contributions, crediting of child-raising periods.

criticism of the CDU and the Opposition

The concept of the coalition partners was “alone air bookings”, echauffierte themselves Eckhardt Rehberg, the budget policy spokesman of the Union group. “No Cent of this is real. With all the Tricks over four billion Euro is to be scraped together: tax increases, diffuse savings and Tap into the social insurance funds.” Union group Vice-Hermann Gröhe spoke of a “financial, political, and socio-political revelation are.”

Also from the ranks of the Opposition, criticism comes. Johannes Vogel, pension policy spokesman of the FDP parliamentary group, called salvation plans “downright outrageous”. “This is not a sound financing concept,” he said in the ZDF capital city Studio. Basically, he criticized that the model of the basic pension “with the watering can money” will be distributed, “to people who are not threatened in the age of poverty”.

the Left party leader Dietmar Bartsch, the concept called a “step in the right direction”. However, it would be created by the “hard crash edge for 35 years,” new injustices, he said the ZDF capital city Studio. Here, there had to be Transitions. He also warned of a “total dilution” of the concept by the Union.

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