The SPD wants to write, according to a media report, the right to Work from home in the law.

the Newspapers of The Funke media group’s quote from a strategy paper on the future world of work, the wool, decide on the SPD-tip in their retreat on Sunday and Monday: “We have a right to know of mobile Work and Home Office by law so that more workers benefit from the digital advantages”. In addition, the social Democrats substantiate their claims to a child’s basic security.

The SPD is in crisis and is looking for a way to get lost trust back. Party leader Andrea Nahles is under a lot of pressure, a reversal of the trend: The SPD is languishing at 15 per cent in the polls.

on Wednesday Nahles in an Interview with the editors network of Germany (RND) had explained their plans for a “welfare state reform in 2025”, which are also at the Meeting, the SPD top on the agenda. The Chairman wants to overcome the under SPD Chancellor Gerhard Schröder introduced the Hartz-IV-Reform and the unemployed pay more money.

in Addition, the SPD wants to bundle the state benefits for children in a monthly payment, a child’s basic security. According to the Funke media group, you should believe about child benefit, child allowance, and benefits from Hartz-IV. The report quoted from a paper for the exam of the SPD-to-peak, that this Child protection “will be a non-bureaucratic and easy-to-understand performance,” “because it is offered to the families of active and digital can be applied for”. According to the report, the benefits should be reduced with increasing income. How expensive the project will leave the SPD.

According to the report, the SPD wants to explore after your tip which proposals can be implemented with the coalition partners CDU and CSU. From the Union, there had been a sharp criticism of Nahles of the social state demands.

The left party reacted with other grounds also opposed to the SPD’s plans for the Reform of the Hartz-IV regulations. It was “outrageous” that Nahles to the low-Hartz-IV-sets, as well as sanctions against Hartz IV recipients hold on to, said party leader Katja Kipping in the “Tagesspiegel” (Thursday). “It shows that the SPD Chairman really has the courage to say “goodbye” to the Agenda 2010.”

According to a survey by the opinion research Institute Civey three-quarters (73.3 percent) of the SPD-supporters do not believe that party boss Nahles can improve the results of the election of the SPD. In the total population, 87.2 percent were even of the opinion that Nahles, the party may bring no votes-Plus, on Wednesday evening published a representative survey on behalf of the portal “”.


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