The SPD remains, despite the wide acceptance of its social and political Offensive in the survey low.

In a survey for the ZDF”political barometer” explain 77 percent of the respondents, they think that the social Democrats of the social policy to give a greater role and more money to spend. In the Sunday question of the SPD comes to your gains in the beginning of February but still only 15 per cent (minus 1). The Union improved to 31 percent, the AfD to 13 per cent (both plus 1). The Greens are unchanged at 20 per cent, the Left in 9. The FDP loses a point and lands at 7 per cent.

In Thursday published the ARD”Germany trend” will not result in a different picture, a clear upward trend for the SPD but also here. Compared to the previous week, the CDU/CSU and SPD rose a percentage point. Would be on Sunday Bundestag election, would be given the Union, therefore, 30 per cent, the SPD of 18 percent. About on par with the SPD, the Greens would be 18 percent. The AfD had 12 percent. FDP and Left received 8 percent of the vote.

Nevertheless, the latest party wear political profiling attempts by the SPD and the Union of fruits: A majority of nearly three-quarters of the German see, according to “Germany trend” growing differences in content between the SPD and the CDU. 74 percent of the respondents stated that the differences were due to the SPD’s proposals on social policy and the CDU debate over immigration policy has become larger. Also, 74 percent said they welcomed a growing distinctness of the two parties.