With the proposed minimum remuneration for trainees from 515 Euro meets Federal Minister of education, Anja Karliczek (CDU) in the Union to criticism – in the case of the SPD, in contrast, to praise.

“This is good news,” said SPD Leader Andrea Nahles in Berlin. The economic policy spokesman of the Union faction, Joachim Pfeiffer (CDU), told the German press Agency: “I do not think this is sensible and expedient.”

trainees will receive, after the planned amendment to the vocational training act from 2020 onwards, the minimum compensation. It is expected to increase by 18 percent in the second and 35 percent in the third year of training. However, the collective should be able to partner regional deviate from it. With the originally planned minimum remuneration of 504 Euro Karliczek was met with a massive opposition from the SPD.

Nahles pointed out that it is particularly a matter of concern for the SPD was that now to get a lower limit in the Apprentice pay was drawn in. For many aspiring butchers, hairdressers and other this means concrete improvements.

this Wednesday, the Federal Cabinet will give the green light for the Reform. Pfeiffer said, businesses, especially in the East would be charged. “This can lead to a company to train less.” The minimum remuneration for trainees in the coalition agreement. In view of the weaker economy, but all expenses would have to put to the test, which could weigh on the economy.

Karliczek himself had declared, for the establishments, the minimum compensation must be economically viable. Where the entry in the minimum wage, not so fast, guaranteed could, if you wanted to allow the premises, together with the social partners with a longer-term entry. The minimum remuneration for trainees is set to rise according to your plans up to 2023 to 620 Euro per month.

The German chambers of industry and Commerce (DIHK) warned that in particular, the gains from training year to training year weighed on smaller companies, primarily in Eastern Germany, as Deputy managing Director Achim Dercks of the “New OsnabrĂĽcker Zeitung” (Tuesday) said.

The Verdi public services Union has welcomed the plans in principle, but demanded a minimum compensation of 80 percent of the average collectively agreed training allowances. The submission for the first year of training a minimum of 660 euros.

The FPD-social expert Pascal Kober warned that the planned Apprentice minimum wage prevented smaller businesses in the area economically, than ever before for young people to train.

Today, there are in the pay of trainees in big industry differences. According to the education report in 2018, the German Confederation of trade unions aspiring carpenters get 573 euros in the first year, hairdressers just 406 euros. For example, Bank clerks cut is far better – for example, in the third year of training with 1028 Euro.

the planned Reform aims to strengthen Karliczek and vocational training. The introduction of new uniform for the names of the financial statements is planned.