The discussion on how much luxury is allowed to treat themselves to high-level representatives of the labour party, the SPD, is not new. Recently, the social-democratic Berlin state Secretary, Sawsan Chebli had to listen to a lot of criticism, because they showed up with a Rolex on your wrist. Also not new is the question of how easily politicians in the social networks may present. Here, it was Recently Green-chief Robert Habeck, the condemnation of the tone, especially in the case of Twitter and his Account was then deleted.

so bad it seems with Karl Lauterbach. However, the Deputy Chairman of the SPD group in the Bundestag got for one of his Tweets also much against the wind.

, according to Bach’s Tweet from the new year’s reception of the health expert had tweeted a photo from the new year’s reception of the sick insurance and the chamber of Physicians in Berlin for discussions

On Thursday. The mood seemed to be good, anyway, Lauterbach, grinning wide in the smartphone camera. In the text accompanying the image, he reported that there had been at the Dinner of Lobster. On Franck Ribéry and his gold leaf Steak in Dubai Lauterbach took.

The reactions were not long in coming: Many Users accused the health experts have double standards. Lauterbach, Bavaria had criticized Star Ribéry after his Steak affair on Twitter in focus. The Tweet is not fit to be a politician that would stand up in the Bundestag for the Concerns of the little people, complained by many users. “With late Roman decadence more social justice wagon,” wrote, for example, a User who earned for his comment, more than 800 Likes. “So Lobbying does work! Real place, real food, real people! For the nursing and therapy professions unattainable,” tweeted someone. Also from his own party base, there was criticism – for example, by the SPD-local Association in Schnelsen.

On Monday reported also Lauterbach once again to the #lobster gate-to-word and asked, what happened at the reception really. His personal knowledge: “ridicule on Twitter, I should probably”. For a politician who is so active in the social networks is certainly a good intent.