the SPD and the greens in the suspension of the Hungarian Fidesz party of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, the European people’s party (EPP) is a rotten compromise.

SPD-Secretary-General Lars Klingbeil said the German press Agency, the decision to go to Europe or democracy. “This is a dirty Deal in the election campaign.”

The Green top candidate for the European elections, Ska Keller, stressed that the EPP does not have agreed to a total expulsion of Orban’s right-the national party, but Fidesz are only temporarily excluded. “A staunch commitment to democracy and citizens’ rights looks different. Credibility also,” said the basement of the “Passauer Neue Presse” (Thursday).

EPP top candidate, Manfred Weber (CSU) lose as a candidate for the presidency of the EU Commission’s “credibility, as long as he protects Fidesz”. The Commission and especially its President, are “the guardians of the European treaties and ensure the fundamental democratic principles” of the EU. “Manfred Weber needs to make it clear where he stands. If he does not show against Orban had a clear edge, it can fall on the feet.”

The EPP had decided previously to set the membership of the Fidesz party, for the time being on ice. Background criticism of Orban’s was off to an “illiberal democracy”, as well as currently a poster campaign against the EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker, who is also a member of the EPP.

For the decision, an overwhelming majority of the Board members agreed. Before the vote was taken on the request of Hungary, a formulation in the Text, as a result, the body and the Fidesz party will propose the suspension of the membership “together”. A Commission of experts under the leadership of the former EU-Ratschefs Herman Van Rompuy will now be able to decide when and whether the member rights of the party are back in power.

Orban said that Hungary have named a three-member Delegation of Fidesz politicians who will negotiate with Van Rompuy’s Council of wise men””. At the same time, the rightwing politician reiterated that his party would continue to support the candidacy of the EPP group leaders, Manfred Weber (CSU) for the office of President of the European Commission.

Austria’s Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache (FPÖ), however, evidently hoping that Orban’s party could join in the European Parliament, the right-wing populist Europe of the Nations group and the freedom. “Orban is with open arms, welcome, together, a future strong Patriotic European political group,” he wrote on Facebook.

Klingbeil said he was still waiting for a statement from Weber: “Why suspend and not to exclude?” The EPP self-established conditions had not been complied with by Orban’s party. Orban and his Fidesz party should be only up to the European elections on may 26. May be sedated. “Weber hopes then to the votes for the Post of President of the EU Commission,” said Klingbeil.