Actually wanted a snow plow driver in the U.S. state of California and, more specifically, in South Lake Tahoe, just down the street. Massive snowfall had filled in the same meters high. But suddenly he crashed against a parked vehicle, which was under a thick blanket of Snow buried. The car would have there are not permitted to stand and prevented him from further travel. So he called the police to tow the car away. However, as the officials and he started the car to dig out, they experienced a big Surprise, such as CNN and the Weather Channel reports.

From the window of the car peeped out from, therefore, at once a woman’s hand. Then, the officials had to dig out the lady and her car free and you out of the predicament freed. It had already been four or five hours in the car caught, it would have given the wife to the Protocol. According to CNN, the officials concluded from the masses of Snow on your car, you must have already been clearly locked up longer.

city: The Motor is switched on can be fatal to stop

“in a buried car, or the engine of a buried car turn (because of the exhaust note. d. Red.), could have deadly consequences,” according to an employee of the city of Sout Lake Tahoe from CNN. “If we weren’t to the woman passed, would have assumed that this story is probably quite different.” The officials would have needed some time to get rid of the lady, because so much snow was on the car. The 48-Year-old had, however, remained unharmed.

$ 35,000 in four days

Seattle mired in snow and an 18-Year-old a fortune

Seattle deserves to experience the most snow in 70 years. An 18-Year-old made advantage of this: Within just four days he has earned with his snow plow $ 35,000.

The town took advantage of according to CNN, the incident to warn generally before, in front of snow storm Parking. This have taken care of this Winter several times for problems in the open spaces of the streets and is “dangerous for all Involved”. The incident was, therefore, already in the middle of February, spread but only in the past few days in the US media.

sources: CNN / Weather Channel