persistent rainy weather While in the North of Germany, the Winter in the South of the country and in the entire Alpine Region. For the next few days heavy snow falls continue to be predicted. A storm with Gale-force winds to snow drifts and, thus, more problems might be in order. All of the events and developments relating to the winter chaos in the star-snow-Ticker.

+++ 15.50: In 25 counties of the severe weather-warning Red +++

The German weather service (DWD) has declared for 25 counties in Bavaria and Saxony. Meteorologists expect snow amounts of from 35 to 50, in jam, were up to 70 cm. More squalls threatened with up to 80 kilometers per hour. The warning applies to the affected counties from Tuesday evening to Thursday evening.

+++ 15.15: storm tide brand in Helgoland just +++

The Deep, “Benjamin” has caused exceeded in the North sea for a small storm surge. On the island of Helgoland, the high water reached its peak point at around 13: 30. 1.55 metres above the normal high-water flood mark of 1.50 meters had been slightly exceeded, said a spokesman for the Federal office for Maritime shipping and hydrography (BSH). Greater storm damage, however, were not initially known.

The East – and North-Frisian Islands and Halligen were made during the day partially alone, since the ferries stayed in ports. The Sylt-Shuttle limited due to the weather conditions the operation. Caravans, trailers, passenger cars with trailers, trucks with empty trailers or hazardous materials, as well as motorcycles were not transported, as the company announced.

On the Elbe ferries between glückstadt and wischhafen first drove on schedule. There, the captains will decide at what wind strengths can your ship still safely steer. “But if the water comes over the shore, no longer can we drive, because our clients come from the Board,” said managing Director Hildegard Both-Walberg. A little further inland in the port of Hamburg, the ferries were not affected.

+++ 14.40 PM: the ski area due to snow masses +++

closed, Even if it sounds absurd – the ski area Brauneck in Bavaria has to close because of too much snow. More specifically, because of the wrong snow. “Snow is on the trees now extremely much and heavier“, said a spokeswoman for the affected area in the “image”-newspaper. “There is the danger of the trees falling and the ski slopes and lift lines will fall. How long the plants will remain closed, we are unable to estimate; it is supposed to snow more.”

+++ 13.44 hrs: Eleven the Munich tourists from snow-covered Alpine hut in Austria saved +++

After the heavy snow of the last days cases, the Austrian mountain rescue service has freed eleven tourists from Munich, from a snowed mountain hut in the Salzburger Land. The group had called the police because she had had since the days of no electricity, and the supplies were slow to come to an end, said a representative of the mountain rescue service of the Austrian news Agency APA.

ten helpers made on Monday afternoon on the difficult ascent to the hut, and led the tourists in groups down to the village of St. Koloman.

The number of dead as a result of the winter weather increased in the meantime. Two since Saturday in Abtenau in the Tennengau missing snow-Shoe hikers were recovered on Monday afternoon, dead. According to the APA, the 28-year-old man and his 23 had been captured-year-old partner in an avalanche and buried.

In the search for two for Saturday for missing hikers in the case of Hohenberg want to participate in the Federal army. Because of avalanche danger, it could not be continued at the earliest, on Wednesday, said a representative of the Alpine police APA.

+++ 11.46 PM: forecasters expect heavy snow in the South of Bavaria +++

It was only a brief respite – the German weather service (DWD) expected in the next few days in the Alps re-severe weather-like snow with strong drifts, and the risk of aborting the trees. “Such a situation does not happen every Winter,” said a DWD professional.

After a short mitigation will flow according to the forecasts, with a strong North-West flow back to the colder and humid air to Bavaria. Especially in the upper Bavarian forest and the Alps, this provides on Tuesday for an additional 10 to 15 centimetres of snow.

In the Alps, the forecasters expect up in the night to Friday in severe weather-like snow with amounts between 30 and 70 centimeters. In the Congestion – especially in the Allgäu region – are expected to be up to 90 centimeters.

There, as well as in the Bavarian forest can emerge by noon on Wednesday by a strong Wind with strong gusts, heavy snow drifts. On higher Alpine peaks and ridges of the Bavarian forest, severe wind gusts with speeds around 100 miles an hour and even are not to be expected

+++ 8.25 PM: the storm flood in Hamburg – Bahn exclude the impact on train traffic +++

parts of the German North sea coast and Hamburg, the expected time on Tuesday with a storm surge. The Federal Maritime and hydrographic Agency issued a warning, the storm is deep “Benjamin”. The Deutsche Bahn did not, first effects of the Storm on the rail. Travellers should inform themselves in advance. The storm surge was expected during the Afternoon in Parts of the coasts of lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein as well as Hamburg, Bremen and Bremerhaven. The water level on the water level in Hamburg-St. Pauli should be in the early evening, probably about 2 meters above mean high water, such as the Federal Maritime and hydrographic Agency announced. It looks similar in Bremerhaven, where the vertex is already expected in the afternoon.

+++ 7.28 PM: Austria: fear of avalanches +++

In Austria grows the fear of avalanches. So, come up Thursday in the high mountains, probably another metre of snow. In the deeper layers of 30 to 80 inches are possible, said in Vienna, a spokesman for the Central Institute for meteorology and geodynamics (ZAMG). “The danger that trees lines due to the weight of the snow and the storm on roads, electricity and railway lines, falls, rises from day to day.”

+++ 2.15 p.m.: storm surge in lower Saxony coast + + + expected

The lower Saxony North sea coast prepares for storm and significantly increased water levels caused by storm “Benjamin”. For Tuesday, you can expect a storm surge, said the lower Saxony state office for water management, coastal defence and nature conservation Agency (NLWKN) on Monday in the East Frisian North. Beaches, forelands, and Harbor areas can be under water. With increased water sc is stands to expect hon in the night to Tuesday and the early hours of the morning. On the East Frisian Islands and on the mainland, preparations for a storm surge would hit. Because of the in the North sea drifting Container ship “MSC Zoe” keep the NLWKN-experts flotsam in view. Further landings on the island of Borkum, Juist and Norderney are quite conceivable.

consequences of the snow chaos

get out of School, avalanche danger and failure at the end of trains – the weather in Bavaria in the Live-Tracker

Persistent snowfall keeps Bayern continue to be in handle. While some of the children about school, it comes out in road and rail transport to disabilities. Keep track of the weather development in the Live Tracker.

DPA +++ 0.20 PM: warning of heavy snow in Saxony +++

The German weather service (DWD) has warned of fertile snow in Saxony, which might locally lead to drifts and snow breakage. Be affected from Tuesday to Thursday noon to the ERZ mountains, the mountains in the district of Mittelsachsen, in the higher West of the Elbe were in the Kreis of Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge, in the circle of Zwickau, the city of Chemnitz and the highlands in the Vogtlandkreis. By Tuesday noon, it’ll snow even in the lowlands, prophesied of the forecasters on Monday. Within 48 hours there could be 40 to 60 centimeters of snow, in a traffic jam, around 70 centimeters were even.

messages of Monday, the 7.1.

+++ 19.46 p.m.: snow and chipping wants to learned to be +++

+++ at 16: 47: In Austria, missing snow-Shoe hikers are dead +++

since Saturday, in Austria, missing snow-Shoe hikers are dead. The bodies of 23-year-old woman and her 28-year-old partner have been found under an Avalanche in the Austrian countryside, as the authorities reported. The area of the root end of the hunter and the hunters wanted to control the information, according to the station facilities and the feeding of the deer populate. The Couple had been recorded, according to mountain rescuers by a dust avalanche and into a ditch, ejected. In the Region, the snow depth is around two meters.

meanwhile, the extensive search for two missing hikers in lower Austria was interrupted. “Due to the danger of the situation, we cannot be held responsible for this. The last thing we want is a dead Savior,” said the dispatcher.

+++ 16.20 PM: map – Deep-Benjamin brings the turbulent weather +++

+++ 15.06 PM: weather service announces another snow storm with Gale-force winds and snow drifts to +++

Rising avalanche danger and dangerous snow drifts To add additional new snow in the mountain regions of strong Wind from this Tuesday, as the German weather service (DWD) in Offenbach in advance. Also, Gale-force winds on summits. First of all, it is snowing on the evening of above 500 to 800 metres, particularly strong in Parts of the black forest, the ore mountains, the Bavarian forest and in the Alps. The DWD warned because of the gusts of wind in front of some of the considerable snow drifts, which could make the traffic on the roads and rails.

as of Tuesday evening the snow line drops to 200 meters. With a lot of snow is expected at lower altitudes, it had to be temporarily but expected with smoothness, said the DWD. Added to this is the Wind. As of Wednesday, the Wind according to the prediction that, in the West and North of the showers. In the South and East is raining or snowing, it is more, in the Alps and in the ore mountains with a strong. The temperatures drop slightly On Tuesday, the maximum values are three to eight degrees and zero degrees in the mountains, on Wednesday at six degrees in the North and minus two degrees at the Alps.

consequences of the snow chaos

get out of School, avalanche danger and failure at the end of trains – the weather in Bavaria in the Live-Tracker

Persistent snowfall keeps Bayern continue to be in handle. While some of the children about school, it comes out in road and rail transport to disabilities. Keep track of the weather development in the Live Tracker.

DPA +++ 13: 41: Landratsamt Miesbach disaster calls due to the snow chaos +++

Due to heavy snowfall, the district office in the Bavarian town of Miesbach has declared a disaster. This was necessary in order to coordinate the different forces better, said a spokeswoman. The winter weather had taken care of on the weekend for Chaos in the South of Bavaria. On Monday, there was more impairment on regional rail routes. All schools in the district of Miesbach near Munich is to remain up to and including Friday closed – not least because of the Gefahrs of snow break and avalanches. In addition, a number of roads in the district are locked.

+++ 12.59 PM: Ski area Hochkar because of Snow closed +++

The Austrian ski resort Hochkar has been closed due to the continued heavy snow with a lot of snow until Further notice. Tourists, employees and residents of the Region should leave on Monday to the field, reported the Austrian news Agency APA, citing authorities. Reason the avalanche danger, and avalanche blasting. The Hochkar Alpine road is also closed.

Meanwhile, two since Saturday in Abtenau in the Tennengau missing snowshoers were buried, according to mountain rescue, probably by an avalanche, as APA reported. Because of the high avalanche danger and bad weather, a search action according to the 28-Year-old and the 23-Year-old is not possible. The couple have control of the hunter area facilities and to wild refill feeding. Since the weekend, there were in Austria and Bavaria already several Deaths in consequence of the winter weather.

+++ 11.30 PM: DJ Ötzi must move because of masses of Snow the start of the Tour +++

the singer DJ Ötzi (“Anton aus Tirol”) is required to move because of the massive amounts of snow in Austria, its the start of the Tour. The for Tuesday’s scheduled opening concert of the nine stops on his “summit tour” on a ski Chalet in Saalbach-Hinterglemm, could be due to the Lawinengefahr and blocked access roads does not take place, informed his Management. “Of course I’m very sad that I have to disappoint my Fans, but it would be irresponsible under these circumstances, the Show. Safety comes first,” said Gerry Friedle alias DJ Ötzi. He hoped that the new Tour is now at 10. February in Kirchberg in Tirol can start.

+++ 11.12 PM: the snow-Chaos in the Alps: Austria grants Ski-Region +++

the Austrian news portals OE24, and report, the police Ski Region Hochkar, due to the heavy snowfall. Guests, employees and the inhabitants were called to leave the area in the course of the day.

+++ 9.46 PM: snow Chaos in Bavaria adheres to +++

The fierce onset of winter in the South of Bavaria takes no end. According to information from the German weather service (DWD), it is expected cases in the Alps and in the foothills of the Alps with heavy snow. Until noon should fall ten to 20 centimeters of snow, in the so-called Jam the periphery of the Eastern Alps up to 40 inches.

meteorologists issued severe weather warnings and referenced, among other things, on the risk of snow breakage. At Bad Tölz in the South of Bavaria, a man died already. According to police reports, was beaten to death a 45-year-old hikers on the Blomberg by a falling Branch broke under the weight of the snow from a tree. The man broke in the accident by Sunday afternoon, the back of the Neck.

According to the weather service, up to 60 centimeters of snow fell in the Alps last, there were some massive problems in the rail and air transport and on the streets. From the afternoon, the snow should be but temporarily subside, said the DWD in Offenbach.

In the entire Alpine region of increased avalanche prevailed danger, according to information from the Bavarian avalanche alerting the location in the Bavarian foothills of the Alps, the Chiemgau Alps and the Berchtesgaden Alps, was particularly dangerous. On Saturday, a woman died in upper Bavaria, as it was recorded during a tour of an avalanche.

Due to the weather situation was in a number of Bavarian schools of education. Were affected, among other things, the districts of Ostallgäu, Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen, and Traunstein.

+++ 2.24 PM: Bayern: man from snowy tree slain +++

A 44-year-old ski tour-goers, has been slain at the Blomberg in the upper Bavarian Wacker mountain (in the district of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen) from falling Branches of a tree. The man was about 100 meters below the summit of the tree crown, taken to be cancelled under the weight of the snow, it was in the night of Monday by the police. The man from Penzberg was instantly dead. He was, according to police data alone. Following the tour-goers had found him on Sunday afternoon, and the forces alerted.

+++ 0.06 PM: the Second German in Austria an avalanche killed +++

In the case of a second avalanche in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg on Sunday another German winter athletes lost their lives. The 32-Year-old came from the vicinity of Heilbronn, the police announced. He was in the afternoon with a 25-year-old Skier in the area of Damüls on-the-go, as he was away from the secured slopes, buried up to the neck. Before he could be rescued, were deposited more Snow on him, and buried in completely. Rescue workers failed to resuscitate the man. On Sunday a 26 was in the nearby Schoppernau-Year-old from Bavaria, also by an avalanche and killed.

dho / fs / DPA / AFP

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