As the woman, the betrayed 16 years, the court enters, pressed her lips tightly together. Helga S. is wearing a pair of Jeans and a windbreaker, her hair is grey, and the shoulders narrow. In spite of their sunglasses, it is apparent that your view is looking for the accused. Thomas W. smiles at you. She is crying.

Helga S., 59, cleaning power, has a tense and erratic. She invokes her right to refuse to testify. She was engaged to the accused, since 2003, she says with a brittle voice. For proof, you brought a Ring. To the wedding it had been never. “Also, due to the fact.”

in shock

The fact happened on 17. January 2003. In the hall of the Freiburg regional court, Helga S. do not need to tell the story of that day, the statements read out, which has made it to the police. Accordingly, she had not noticed at the voice of your partner that something was wrong that Morning. It was sometime between nine and ten o’clock, and he insisted that they came to pick him up, in the vicinity of a forest Park on the highway. You went, and what you heard then, which brought her the language. He had met with Heidrun P., the Manager, had you taken the Job as the head of the Cleaning crew, and you felt harassed. Often they had come in the evening home frustrated. She had been crying. Your Partner of all the Trouble told. And asked him to stay away.

she knew he had tried, however, the Boss is a call to impose, in the Parking lot of the clinic in which she worked. But he had you lurking on this Morning, that he had driven into the woods and eventually killed – the Helga S. learned, as they picked up Thomas W..

“Very funny, quiet,” he cast, when he said that Heidrun P. was dead. He had not gone into the details. Have just insured that he will want Helga to help, that everything is escalated. Then he sat in the car, he said nothing more. And also, she said nothing more. Helga S. was in shock.

to found the First home you your voice back. She cried, she screamed. She wanted to drive him to the police. She begged him to turn himself in. But he waved her off. First he must arrange his thoughts. “We have to wait a couple of days,” he said. And you added. For a long time, the lie began.

As the fellow wondered what had happened with Heidrun P., gave Helga S. be clueless. When the police all respondents, it remained monosyllabic. It took days, and it took weeks. Again and again, so Helga is S. later, you want to know what had happened in the forest. But Thomas W. I just said: “It is not better, if you know too much.” He was drinking started, he smoked pot, “until he fell asleep”, was always taciturn. Eventually, they stopped drilling.


As you can live with the certainty that the man you love, has committed a terrible crime? With the question, what do you know about him? And what you don’t know?

Nine weeks after the fact Walker found the body. “Aktenzeichen XY” reported, Helga S. was standing in the kitchen, as the show went out. She heard that the offender had forced the victim to undress, and that he was killed with several knife wounds. Helga S. was standing in the kitchen and rank. Should you go to the police? Should you betray him? You confronted him with the facts from the TV show. And once again the Silence.

He had always had the last word, says Helga S. the investigators. When they met, 20 years ago, because he had a failed marriage behind, their own partnership kriselte. A few months after the first Meeting, Thomas W., with drew in your house in Baden’s Markgräflerland. She was the main provider, he contributed as a self-employed exhibition Builder to the income. But he was a guy. A former Amateur Boxer, a, of the distribution of the time with the Ninjutsu martial arts. What is the hobby rider with him was the love for animals. Soon they had two horses and a dog, they lived a quiet and withdrawn. Alone they were not during the long period of silence, however: Three years before the fact, Thomas W. s was drawn at the time, 13-year-old daughter to them, and lived five years in the case of the Couple. According to your statement, the two took the patient’s aunts Helga S., and took care of several years.

In the months after the fact, they didn’t want to only sleep with your Partner, says Helga S., And afterwards had always remained “a suspicion”. “There was no week in which I had not thought about what happened.” The worst part was that she could confide, and that he no longer wanted to speak with her about it. “It was no life,” she says. But it also says: “I had to be satisfied.”

He seemed relieved

And not all of it, what was good, became bad after that fateful day in January 2003. Because the life with the animals. Because of the support they gave. For Thomas W. Helga S. was an “anchor”. And he knew, conversely, how important he was for you. “He threatened me, that I could not live without him,” she says. If you are reporting the fact, “it would all go down the drain”. You must pay off the house alone, animals alone.

Thomas W. has his own view of things. In court, he says he wanted to protect his partner. You don’t want to burden you with the Details of the fact. “I am not come even with it.”

Thomas W. is 55 years old, a silver-grey full beard, and deep wrinkles him older. He had always thought of it again, to ask, “so, I finally got everything behind me,” he said to the psychiatric expert, Peter Winckler. But “I couldn’t let Helga and my daughter in the lurch”.

In his diaries, the investigators have found dark thoughts. “A treasure trove of narcissistic self-elevation,” says Winckler. Thomas W. wrote strange stories of heroes, when the fury came over, scratched himself, and took his blood as ink, he was called the lone Wanderer, Wolf or Avengers.

When the moon is full, it drove him into the forest. “Often he came back the next day,” says Helga S. of the police. Sometimes with cuts on the chest and the arms. He got injured during the Repair of the horse paddock, he claimed. That he hurt himself because of him, the pain brought relief, he said.

Both Thomas W. as well as Helga S. thought that one day, would the police have to be in front of the door. 19. September, 2018 it was so far. A relative, who must have cherished over the years, a suspicion, had with a note to the Poover the past few years turned. As Helga S. came home from work, were the officials to search your house. She had not been surprised, says one of the investigators in court. “You only had to cast a great fear of Thomas W.” The facilitates, in turn, have almost redeemed when he confessed to the crime.

murder feature of “low motives”

During the process prior to the Freiburg regional court, the scenes conjured up are, did not want to talk about the Thomas W. in all the years. Heidrun P., which he drives into the forest, he does not force, despite the minus degrees of undress, apparently, for sexual reasons, but to put them under additional pressure. Heidrun P. drawn from at least ten knife wounds. The judges speak of two possible motives: Either Thomas W. Heidrun P. killed, because he promised them better working conditions for his partner, or he killed them out of anger when he realized that she would not comment on his claims. In both cases, the judge will see the prerequisites for the murder characteristic of “low motives”. You condemn the defendant on the 11. March to life imprisonment, his lawyer is in Revision.

Helga S. do not need to expect an indictment. A criminal offence, their Complicity would be only if you would have known before the fact, of the plans and the murder would have been prevented. “I want Thomas to know that I am always to see him,” she said during process in tears. Soon she wants to marry him.

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