What was or is the Shutdown?

in the United States, the Federal budget enters into force, the two chambers of the U.S. Congress and the President. Donald Trump calls but in the upcoming budget of 5.7 billion dollars for the construction of a wall on the border to Mexico, which the Democrats reject. Because of a dispute Donald Trump refused the signature under the draft budget follow – up: the so-called government closure, the Shutdown. 22. December of last year, have been stopped, the state expenditure, so that a number of public facilities and state employees either without pay, had to work, or in the forced vacation were sent. In the face of public pressure, US President, Trump on the 25. January come around and released the longest budget freeze in U.S. history. First of all, however, for three weeks until mid-February.

What happens to the 15. February?

A newly-established group of 17 members of Congress to work to deadline of the end of the final solution. Failing that, could escalate the Situation again. Donald Trump threatened for this case, with a renewed standstill of the government, or the proclamation of a “National emergency”. “Personally, I see the below 50-50,” he said in an Interview about the chances of reaching an agreement. Asked whether he would accept no less than 5.7 billion dollars, Trump said: “I doubt it. I have to do.”

what is the response of the Americans to the end of the shutdown?

of Course, with relief. Many of the employees had already for the second Time in a row on your salary without. Ultimately led to a series of employees of relevant authorities such as law enforcement, border guard, or flight security, sick reported, which is why they are already facing serious security risks have warned. Also, the forecasts for the impact of the shutdown on the US economy were always dark.

Although the end of the shutdown is politically seen as a defeat for Donald Trump, the leadership of the Democrats with Triumph-expressions to a large extent. Criticism, however, comes precisely from the ranks of his own supporters. The right-wing conservative commentator Ann Coulter about the designated Trump in light of the agreement as a “weakling”.

Historical budget lock completed

Trump is in the Shutdown-armed small – and threatens already with next

AFP it Will come to a solution?

Unlikely. At least none of the US President completely satisfied is likely to be. The opposition Democrats are willing to pay more money for border protection – not only for a “physical barrier” as Trump you want to. Instead, propose to invest in the repair or construction of new border fences, as well as in technology for border surveillance and other border officials and asylum judge. Donald Trump insists on building a wall. Most observers conclude that the President will once again resort to drastic measures. Because the majority of Americans blamed him for the consequences of a shutdown – its zufriedensheit values have fallen since the government closure.

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