Donald Trump is in the second half of his term and, as before, the US President holds none of the traditional pressure and switching of the policy: discussion, warning, button, compromises – that sort of thing. Instead, the star give the gift of a staff of cooks Sandwiches to unpaid Federal, airports, security controls fall out of increasingly and slow economic start representative seriously to Complain about. And all because Trump wants money for his wall, the opposition Democrats refuse, however, which is why the US government can no longer pay all of their employees. It is a mixture of blackmail, blink game and Kindergarten, which places the country in chains.

Shutdown is in week five

How long will this go further? Unclear. Sure is: In the night from Friday from Saturday, the government closure will go into the fifth week – as long as the US Congress and the President have blocked never each other. Most recently, the trial of power in a farcical How-You-me escalated-so-I-you-banter, the powerful Head of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi, Donald Trump, withdrew the invitation for a traditional speech, prompting the head of state, the stroke of a government flight to Afghanistan.

The Donald Trump-affiliated Senator Lindsey Graham tweeted, with a view to this Gegockel of the two counterparties: “An immature response does not justify the other.” Pelosis maneuvers in the Congress speech of the President was “very irresponsible and blatantly political”, however, Trumps reaction would also be “inappropriate”. As the fronts between the White house and the Democrats are already hardened more than, possible solutions in a more and more distant. Yet a few days ago, Trump said that the Shutdown will last as long as, “as long as it needs to be.”

Donald Trump without Alternatives

The US President has in the case of the border wall to Mexico anyway, no more Alternatives. In the election campaign, it was one of his first and most important promise, and now wants to and he needs to deliver. The Democrats offered funding for more border personnel and technology may arrive when experts better, but anything other than a herzeigbare, physical barrier. Trump’s approach is the only attempt in this case but a little on the Opposition, failed due to the Intervention of his toughest fan-base, ultra-right-wing voters, and the media. For the Democrats, which have in a chamber of the US Congress, the majority, and the construction of a wall, however, remains an impossibility.

to solve the traversing end of the Situation, stay really only three options – which is not really attractive.


Was brought up by Trump’s repeated into the game, but also re-dropped. The Option provides for a state of emergency on the border to declare to the wall-to procure billions of bypassing Congress. The Opposition and the opponent would draw quite safe and without undue delay before the court. This is likely to overturn the proclamation, presumably.

dispute over the wall happened to Mexico

when Trump proclaims a state of emergency in The surveys:

reputation and the respect of his constituents are Trumps Achilles heel. According to surveys, most Americans give the President the blame for the Shutdown and not even a third of the Democrats. However, trump’s supporters support his hard-bodied course. Only if you have resistance, it is likely to shift.


Donald Trump, the whiskers writes at the end of the economy on its flags – but business leaders and other experts first, serious problems on the economy, triggered by the Shutdown. For example, a beer brewer from Washington is suing the Etatsperre, because he stays on his barley juice sitting. Per week for around one percent of economic output goes through government closure is lost, according to estimates. These impacts could take the citizens of your President really bad, and for him to rethink, suspect observers in Washington. Especially since, in addition, the shares continue to weaken, markets and the economic Outlook exercise, in principle, to decline.

but the US President is undeterred and continues painting unabashed the devil on the wall: On Friday, day 27 of the shutdown, tweeted: “A civil servant has found prayer rugs on the border. Unreal.”