In the Bundeswehr have been debunked a media report that last year, seven extremists.

As the Newspapers of the Funke media group, citing statistics of the Military counterintelligence service (MAD) reported that it is the case of four right-wing extremists and three Islamists. Against them in disciplinary or legal proceedings, therefore, the majority of them have left the armed forces.

the spark-the Newspapers reported, were recorded last year at the MAD 270 suspected cases in the area of right-wing extremism. The were more than 100 fewer than the previous year (2017: 379). More suspected cases have there been, however, in the area of Islam at the center: 2017 46, the number rose in the year 2018, to 50. The number of cases in the area of rich citizens, self-managers therefore fell year on year from 36 to 20, in the area of left-wing extremism, from twelve to two. An increase from 22 to 35, there were, according to the report in the area of alien extremism.

The MAD is the smallest of the German secret service. Its tasks include domestic the prevention of espionage and Sabotage in the armed forces as well as the Review of soldiers on extremist attitudes and activities.


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