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The Secret to a Perfect Wall Display


They say decorating the walls of your home is a form of expression of one’s style and sense of creativity. It’s an easy and quick way to display your newest favorite designs, colors, style, and theme. Paintings, mirrors, shelving, all these elements can instantly liven up the mood and appearance of a room. However, trying to put all these details together can be a bit overwhelming. There’s no wonder why wealthy personalities would not hesitate to hire professional designers to decorate their homes. If you are like a lot of us who would think twice, thrice, or more before hiring a professional designer, then you are at the right place.  

Listed below are fascinating professional wall decor tips that you can recreate to beautify and elevate the look of your homes.

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Aside from its aesthetic benefits, mirrors can instantly make the room feel and look wider (or brighter). Empty walls are the perfect areas to place leaning mirrors and quickly transform the once-bare-looking space into a masterpiece. If you think your space lacks something but can’t point out exactly what it is, try adding a mirror as a decorative accent and you’ll be surprised at how striking it will look. 

Decorative Shelving 

Hanging or floating shelves as decorative accents is the way to go if you want to update the style of your wall decor. Shelves create a focal point in rooms with bare-looking walls. Match it with a floating console that’s gorgeously stacked with charming picture frames, vintage pieces, well-curated vignettes, and it will immediately turn into an eye-catcher. 

The Secret to a Perfect Wall Display

Rugs on Walls

One of the best ways to add texture, warmth, and luxurious pop of color to your space is to hang pretty rugs on your walls. Ditching the floor once in a while and attaching your favorite fringed rugs will make your space look more stylish and classy. It can be placed behind your sofa or as an alternative headboard. This twist is a simple yet artistic technique to make your dream wall design come to life.

Bulky Wall Arts or Prints Display 

It’s not a crime to say that you’re not always sure which wall display to put up on the wall. So when in doubt, you can always go back to the basic – framed artworks! 

Aside from wall arts, photo prints also work well as framed wall decors. We recommend you to check out our collection of exquisite photo prints that are perfect for your new wall display. Get ready to be astonished by our wide range of options of photographs, paintings, and eye-catching prints (sizes, shapes, and style). 

Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with displaying your favorite photos to keep the precious memories alive, but it will always be a nice idea to do it in a crafty manner. Not only will this add flair to your interior, but it will also showcase your inner artist. 

Get inspiration from and discover a great deal of interesting wall decor and design ideas for your next project. 

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