The second summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and the North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un will be held in the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi. The Trump announced on Friday evening (local time) on Twitter.

the Meeting on the 27th. and 28. February would be held in Vietnam, had already been known. The exact site had not informed the White house but, as of yet. Also the coastal metropolis of Da Nang had been up to the last in the conversation.

Trump had met eight months ago in Singapore for the first Time with the North Korean rulers. At the historic summit, Kim stressed his willingness to “complete denuclearization”. However, there were no concrete Commitments until when the Communist ruled and internationally largely isolated North Korea to disband its nuclear weapons Arsenal, and how services in the United States might look like. The last progress in the talks, were hardly known.

This week, the US special envoy for North Korea, Stephen Biegun met in Pyongyang with the North Korean negotiator, Kim Hyok Chol, the top prepare. Trump wrote on Twitter that the talks had been “very productive”. In addition, he agreed to North Korea’s dazzling economic prospects and its summit partners, a large praise.

“Under the leadership of Kim Jong-UN’s North Korea will be a great economic powerhouse. It may surprise some, but to me he will not come as a surprise because I met him and totally understand how capable he is,” wrote Trump on the man he once – and not without derision – as the “Rocket Man” was dubbed. “North Korea will be a different type of rocket – a business!”

President of South Korea, Moon Jae-In, who had played in the past year, an important role of mediator between Washington and Pyongyang, had stressed the symbolic power of the decision-making for Vietnam as a host. Vietnam offers the perfect stage for a new Chapter in the history between North Korea and the United States. Vietnam and the US had once “directed swords and guns against each other, but now they are friends”.

Also between Pyongyang and Washington has used Trump – in spite of the intervening force samples and word – battles-of a thaw. The situation on the Korean Peninsula now seems less explosive than it was before the arrival of the Republicans.

President of South Korea, Moon has referred in its Comments on the symbolic power of the Vietnam war in the 1960s and 1970s. At the time, American soldiers fought on the side of the South against the Communist North. The Communists won in 1975. According to estimates, three million Vietnamese were killed, and on the US side were almost 60,000 soldiers. Today, Vietnam is part of China, North Korea, Cuba and Laos to the few remaining Communist One-party States.

Hanoi is expected the summit between Trump and Kim the highest safety measures and a rush of international media to bring. With major international events the city has, however, already experience.


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