It is a in Germany-cherished legend: Supposedly take care of the people in neighboring countries, such as France and Italy, much less as a citizen in this country, when weapons of war-leading countries such as Saudi Arabia exported. However, in early may, was follow that the opposite is true. According to Reports on the planned shipment of weapons for Saudi Arabia, only human rights organizations, but also port workers against the shipment of arms protested in France and Italy.

It was a freighter of the sub-national Saudi shipping line Bahri rule. She stands for a few weeks under observation by human rights organizations and journalists in half of Europe. A Roro-ship in the society – the “Bahri Jazan” – should be on Saturday, may 15. June, for the first time since the beginning of the debate in Germany. To be more precise: in Bremerhaven. So it said on Friday, the transponder data of the ship, how they can be used in tracking of pages to retrieve. But on Sunday, the ship changed in the middle of the Atlantic its direction of travel and the destination. It is now planned Shrinkage in Genoa, Italy on 17. June.

wave of protest against Bahri-freighter

Previously had reported to journalists and activists on Twitter that the planned visit in Bremerhaven. The wave of protest against the Bahri-freighter began already at the beginning of may with a report by the French research office Disclose. Accordingly, should at the time be in the port of Le Havre in the North of France, eight howitzers of the type of Caesar from the manufacturer Nexter on Board the cargo vessel “Bahri Yanbu” taken. Caesar guns on German Unimog ends of the chassis of Daimler uses the Saudi army on the border to Yemen and shelling since the beginning of the civil war, obviously, the targets in the neighbouring country; and he had already shown the research project #GermanArms with the participation of the star at the end of February. In April, the Disclose has made a confidential analysis of the French military intelligence service in public. Accordingly, within the 38-km reach of the Caesar howitzers, thousands of civilians in Yemen is among the possible Victims.

arms exports

Secret French documents: the German war in Yemen

Hans-Martin Tillack

the Saudis Should still get eight more of the guns from the manufacturer Nexter, which had merged four years ago with the German tank builders Krauss-Maffei Wegmann? A French human rights organization, tried to stop it with a motion for preliminary injunction. The cargo vessel “Bahri Yanbu” is not a fleet in the port of Le Havre, but continued his journey through the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea.

the harbour bar beiter in Genoa, refused loading

Like the Belgian customs confirmed, had taken the “Bahri Yanbu” shortly before the Antwerp arms manufacturer FN Herstal, near Liege, on Board. As the ship on the 20. May in the Italian city of Genoa arrived, it came again to protest. The port workers refused to load for the Saudi national guard, certain electric generators.

a Few days later, the sister vessel “Bahri Tabuk came” in Marseille, France. According to Disclose here is also the ammo of the manufacturer, Eurenco should be charged, determined howitzers for the Caesar. The shipping company dropped the deny. The only electric generators from Siemens. The organization Amnesty International France language however, of a “ship of shame”.

Also in the French port city confirmed the port workers that they had only Were civilian, but not military equipment loaded. You shall “in no case” weapons loading, which could be used in a war, said the CGT, a trade Union official.

Contrary to the original announcement, the “Bahri Tabuk put” after the expiration in Marseille is a surprising stopover in Cagliari, Sardinia. In a good 50 km from Cagliari away in the Sardinian village of Domusnovas, the Rheinmetall subsidiary RWM Italia produced for years, bombs have been used in the Yemen war. According to research by the Italian NGO per il Disarmo to Rete on December 31. May of 2019, in fact, the Container with the weapons of the RWM Italia on the “Bahri Tabuk” loaded been. Is that true? The Rheinmetall-Zentrale in Düsseldorf questions the star about to be answered.

– Critical debate in Germany about arms exports “is not a special case in Europe”

Green MEP and disarmament expert Katja Keul was impressed by the protests of the workers in Italy and France: “This is a civilian Protest, as we do not know him yet,” she said to the star: “the critical debate in Germany about arms exports is not a special case in Europe.”

“Bahri Yanbu” as “Bahri Tabuk” belong to a fleet of a total of six 225 Meter long ro-Ro cargo, the company Bahri vessels. The shipping line was founded in 1978 by Royal decree. Almost all of the six ships were, in the years since the start of the Yemen war already once or several times in Cagliari – the “Bahri Jazan”, which had now been in Bremerhaven expected, but now its changed course. The port calls in Cagliari, for example, in the data of the Rostock tracking page Fleetmon reviewed by the star. Bremerhaven is also one of more of the objectives of the Bahri-ships. About the freight, which should now be in the North sea port, taken on Board, nothing is known. Bahri had issues of the star to be answered.

The Federal government had last extended in March an arms embargo on Saudi Arabia to September. It is certain that the “Bahri Jazan” previously on 5.June in the canadian port of Saint John had created. Here, in 2018, were last seen in December, shortly before Christmas, apparently for Saudi Arabia, certain wheeled APCS of the canadian division of General Dynamics on the “Bahri Yanbu” loaded. Already at that time, people also protested in Saint John against arms exports. According to Amnesty International, there are indications that now, at the beginning of June in Saint John, the “Bahri Jazan”, such a wheeled APC on Board took.

Also, ports on the US East coast on routes of Bahri-freighter

On the usual routes of Bahri-freighters are also ports on the East coast of the United States. The Italian Zeitunge “La Repubblica” published in the may, photos of the holds, which were allegedly incurred during previous tours of Bahri vessels. There you saw, for example, armored vehicles of the type Maxxpro by US manufacturer Navistar, the United Arab Emirates in relation hatten. Vehicles of this type will already be in the hands of armed militias in Yemen arrives.


arms exports

show Sensitive logs, such as the government’s arms exports justified

Hans-Martin Tillack

images from Gdansk, Poland in June 2016, one sees, furthermore, as wheeled APC of the Finnish manufacturer Patria to be loaded. The Emirates employ vehicles of this type as evidenced by Videos of the state Agency, WAM also in Yemen-war – without the burden of proof, that including the of the Bahri-freighter transported vehicles. The Bellingcat-Researcher Leone Hadavi discovered satellite images, and a Facebook Video from the August and September 2017, on the one of the Bahri-freighter in the port of Aden, docked in Yemen. On the quay troop Emirates were.

According to an official report to the UN by June 2017, the Emirates had a ship of Bahri-line even for the fraction of an arms embargo is used. In April 2016, and unloaded the “Bahri Abha” thus, hundreds of armoured military vehicles in the Libyan port of Tobruk. They were support for the rebel army of General Haftar, the Emirates – a “strategic Partner” of the Federal government, it was contrary to UN sanctions.