German weapons known in Yemen-war on a much larger role than in the past. As is apparent from research by the investigative group #GermanArms, to use the armed forces of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia’s German armor technology for sea, Land and air operations in the war-torn country. #GermanArms is a joint project of the star, the ARD magazine Report München, the Dutch research offices Lighthouse Reports of the international investigative network Bellingcat, and the German wave. Representatives of the Federal government had repeatedly assured, you have no knowledge on the deployment of German armor technology in Yemen-war in front of the fittings.

The #GermanArms-locate Team through analysis of Video and satellite imagery, a whole series of from Germany exported weapons systems in Yemen. A German warship of the Frankenthal class of the UAE in 2017, on satellite, and video images in the port of Mocha is to see, shortly before the Saudi-led coalition troops had conquered.

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What comes after the war? The Yemen lost children

The #GermanArms Team was able to locate with so-called Fewas weapons stations of the German company Dynamit Nobel Defence (DND) vehicles equipped with the Emirati army in Aden and Al Khawkhah in the South-Western Yemen. In addition, the research Alliance has identified a Video of an Arab news Agency in October 2018, a tank of the type Leclerc. This model is powered by engines of the German company MTU. In Yemen, used tanks on the Video seems to be the new protection system of the type Clara the company Dynamit Nobel Defence.

Also for the use of fighter jets, the Eurofighter and Tornado as well as the Tanker aircraft, Airbus A330 MRTT by the Saudi air force, the #GermanArms Team found new evidence. All of these aircraft are equipped with key components from Germany.

To take particular questions of the research Alliance #GermanArms to sightings of an individual in Yemen-used weapons systems, wanted the Federal government now has no position. The producers concerned have pointed out that they had moved, always in the framework of the laws.

For some of the used arms granted to the Federal government far to the beginning of the war in the Yemen export authorisations, although according to the political principles of the Federal government, deliveries to the countries of departure, in armed conflicts. Also ask to let the Federal government go unanswered.

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Who is behind the research Alliance #GermanArms?

To include the research Alliance #GermanArms four other partners: The ARD magazine “Report München”, the “Deutsche Welle”, the Bellingcat Investigative network and the Dutch research Bureau “Lighthouse Reports in addition to the star”. Based on methods of Open-Source Research evaluated the Alliance, photos, Videos, and satellite images over from Germany delivered weapons, particularly those of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in the Yemen war. These preparations over several months and then a two – week Research team in Berlin with about 15 colleagues. Lighthouse Reports had organized a similar project for Dutch arms exports. With the financial support of the Open Society Foundation, the research office has now started with partners in other EU countries, such searches to be made to the preamble #EUArms.