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The Malaysian police have detained a young Russian Couple on suspicion of child endangerment. Reason, a demonstration of the so-called “Begpacker” (in “begging backpackers”), in Bukit Bintang district of Kuala Lumpur, on last Sunday evening. The according to police, 28-year-old father four months took old Baby by the legs and flinging it around. In addition to music and his 27-year-old wife ran present pointed commentary on the scene.

The police believe that the Couple wanted to earn with the screening money for the next trip. Most of the passers-by reacted in a rather flabbergasted or horrified at the Scene. Some filmed the Performance, and they published in social media. Especially the Video of Facebook-User Zayl Chia Abdulla was often divided and went around the world. Facebook the Film, despite shocked reactions online, because it could help save the Well-being of the child, according to the statement.

“How can you allow this?”

“I was passing by there in Bukit Bintang,” commented Abdulla on Facebook will be Video, “and saw this irresponsible action, the poor Baby can be seriously injured.” As the authorities could not tolerate such a demonstration in Public, asks the Facebook-Users – and calls: “This street Performer must be arrested!”

A request, the met police of Kuala Lumpur, meanwhile, as the local news Agency Bernama reported. Numerous other witnesses should have reported the action to the police. The Russian Pair was with his child, in the meantime, for further investigation in police custody.

“Swinning Baby Yoga”: In Russia, apparently,

The two young Russians themselves may not know what’s happening to them. Because commentators of the Abdulla-Videos with Russian user names show on Facebook to the fact that not least in Russia, the so-called “Swinning Baby Yoga” or “Baby Dynamics Yoga” has parents in the alternative scene a lot of followers. As the founder of the art of the Siberia-born Dr. Igor Charkovsky. Supporters of the method claim that it’ll make the baby fun and at the same time abhärte, while doctors feared rather shaking trauma.

to come when the Yoga should be practice is harmless, many people in the face of the video from Kuala Lumpur, the question is whether you should ask in this way, his child on public Display and for use, of money. In Southeast Asia in the light of the incident, therefore, even a discussion on the “Begpackers” emerged, such as the one in Hong Kong published the “South China Morning Post” reported. According to the report, few people doubt now that the “Begpackers” really need it, and are more likely to believe that you travel so to speak, from donors to pay.

How it goes with the Russian Couple and your Baby, and nothing Further is yet known.

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