In time, as Trump made a grab for the presidency, they were the nightmare some of the American liberals: Richard Spencer, and Nina Kouprianova. He, the extreme right, the founder of the Alt-Right movement, and the russophile intellectuals conjured up in Tweets and posts, the Leadership in Moscow could.

For liberals, this Couple was the clear proof of the value for an axis of Evil between Moscow and the campaigns of the Alt-Right, which Trump won the rule over a good part of social media. Spencer, a good-looking, sporty, but also a rough type, which was about the White Supremacy on the street and in the network enforce, and you, the big breasted intellectual who makes the works of the Russian world-philosopher Alexander Dugin, translated into English.

Probably know in the Kremlin, no one, that Nina Kouprianova. Such trifles were playing in the heated atmosphere of the Trump campaign, not a role. Apart from a few Utterances of the Kouprianova held back with contributions in the media and served only their channels in the social media. There is a lot about the alleged Russian Paranoia of the West – but almost even more of your Basset dog.

scenes from a political marriage

Since June of last year, the former dream couple of the Alt-Right is necessary to specify in a divorce – the dirty. A few weeks ago Nina Kouprianova broke her Silence and talks about her marriage. At the same time they started a Go-fund-me campaign to raise money for the divorce and their children.

If the divorces are conducted with contributions in the media, one can commonly expect, to learn from one of the Parties is the pure truth. Nevertheless, one gains an insight into the dynamics of a marriage, the device in the maelstrom of political radicalisation.

“Alt-Right”movement in the USA

The pornstar at the Hitler-Fan – the strange change of Tila Tequila

In retrospect, the development is not unexpected. Richard Spencer, the De-facto leader of the Alt-Right, is not a fool, but rather a type, such as the political hall of battles of the 20s. Nina Kouprianova juggles with ground references on Byzantium and Moscow as the third Rome.

The “Huffington Post” detailed Kouprianova their view of the marriage – supported by debunking Text messages to Spencer’s. Both married long before anyone anticipated that there would be a second political ice age between the US and Russia, or thought that Donald Trump could be President.

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Unexplained reactions

at the Time, would have Kouprianova should be warned. Shortly before the planned big Celebration of their wedding in January 2011, Nina Kouprianova was sick. Her husband didn’t want to watch a movie, but because she was so sick, she said no. The fact Spencer was disengaging completely. He should have yelled at and hair and legs down the stairs pulled.

In a Mail from the 4. January 2011 the incident is documented. Spencer asked her if she had arrived safely. Kouprianova replied: “Yes”, apart from the bruises on my wrists, and the knees of the adventure yesterday on your staircase, you’ve sent me, apart from that, the return trip was joints without any major incidents.”

A curious, intellectually detached way, to confront the husband with his violent outburst. Today Kouprianova says, as they him met, you knew that he was very conservative. But you didn’t understand what that means. Kouprianova in the disintegrating USSR, large, large, intact, conservative family impressed her. “I didn’t understand the nuances of American politics,” she told the Huffington Post.

Kouprianova indicates that her husband down in 2014, when she was four months pregnant, to the ground and then I choked the neck and jaw. There should be pictures of the bruises. Although Kouprianova never went to the police, but as a librarian she held these terrible scenes meticulously. The “Huffington Post” played you recordings to listen to which is how Spencer yells at them, while the kids are sobbing in the Background. He yells that she should jump off a bridge, he would break the “bloody nose”.

text messages of a misuse of

, the Text messages show the traces of a destructive relationship, which can be understood by an outsider:

Kouprianova : I’ll call you in the Morning – even if we hate each other.

Spencer : Fuck you. Please kill yourself.

Kouprianova : What should be the better for it.

Please calm down.


Spencer : I hope you kill yourself, then I would respect you.

Kouprianova : I apologize for that, to have me in a fight with you. I was not hurt, because you muster five minutes of attention could. I am glad, if you’ll get attention. I just wish it would be for your intellectual effort and not for the Rumtrollen. Since your Strengths are.

Spencer : You’re a disgusting cunt.


Spenche : You’re in your 30s and still so pathetic. Which means, you’ll never change. So, suicide seems to be the best solution.

Kouprianova : I told you to check in and me flowers shalt send. And if it is cheap.


Richard Spencer denies violence allegations vehemently. He admits, however, that he said his wife yelled at and terrible things to her. What he regrets today. “I was so frustrated. It makes me so frustrated.” Compared to the “Observer” said Kouprianova your attempt to earn money on the net. Because the leader of the Alt-Right movement is anything other than an Underdog. His family is more than cultivate 5000 acres of cotton and corn fields in Louisiana. With your own money, you could be no process against these people. “The Attempts of the Spencer-trailer, me as a ‘gold digger’, can’t be more wrong,” said Nina Kouprianova the “Observer”. “In this divorce case, it is only about custody and visiting arrangements, and the maintenance of the child.”

sources: Huffington Post

Go-fund-me Help Me Divorce “Old Right Leader” Richard Spencer”

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