The woman expected a prospects for one on eBay inseriertes children to bed and was the victim of a brutal Robbery in her apartment: About a year and a half after the life-threatening attack in Cologne the trial of a early retired people has begun.

The public Prosecutor’s office accuses the 59-Year-old from the Rhine-victory-circle of especially aggravated robbery, attempted hostage-taking and dangerous bodily injury. His lawyer announced on Wednesday on the first day of the trial at the regional court in Cologne made a comprehensive confession of his client, but only for the next Day of the trial.

As a motive for the Robbery, the Prosecutor’s office, the early retirees presumed to want to improve “its financial Situation”. From the point of view of the prosecution, he engaged the woman in a dramatic battle of life and death. On several occasions, the wife can prevent massive resistance, gagged or tied up. The German did not hurt her with a pocket knife dangerous to life, nevertheless, it has managed to detach itself and to call at the window for help. The woman managed, finally, to open the door, and waited there already two passers-by and a neighbor. The attacker had been overwhelmed by the witnesses, finally.

The victim survived the attack after emergency surgery in the hospital. According to the indictment, the woman is traumatized to the day of the event. The defender of the accused, said on the sidelines of the proceedings, that the 59-Year-old woman had offered in the context of perpetrator-victim-compensation of 15,000 euros compensation.