Despite the threat of observation by the constitutional protection of the rights of AfD-splinter group calls the “Stuttgart appeal” to a more radical course.

“Many of the members is exactly the concern that we have to adapt to, and curry favor,” said the baden-württemberg Landtag Deputy Christina tree on Saturday at a Meeting of party members of the right margin in Burladingen in the Swabian Alb. Out of a fear of observation by the constitutional protection of the party had set up a “own intra-party espionage group”. Tree accused the AfD Federal Executive to operate the business of the political opponent. Own members would be vilified and marginalized. The intra-party action against a member must have an end.

The AfD Federal Executive will currently prevent an imminent observation of the party through the protection of the Constitution. At the Meeting in Burladingen tree, invited AfD politicians that are currently faced by the process of elimination – for example, the baden-württemberg state Parliament members Stefan Räpple, had to be conducted according to a multi-call in December by the police from the state legislature. The tree was in the autumn also one of the initiators of the “Stuttgart appeal”, in the AfD members, administrative and exclusion proceedings against their own members had criticized.