leave The house in the small village of Borod in the West forest acts. The name tags are torn off boxes at the letter in front of the house, the vehicles of the residents, including a brand new Quad and a trailer to stand, freshly painted, with the inscription “Team Hawk”.

Team Hawk will not be there anymore. The man who gave himself the nickname of “Falcon” and the young women who lived with him in this house, are dead. Torsten W., Kerstin E. and Farina C. died 600 miles away in a guest house in the Bavarian city of Passau. Gudrun C., and Carina U were found in 400 kilometers from Wittingen in lower Saxony.

Five Dead, but hardly a current criminal case appears to be so puzzling as this. “It buzzing a thousand conjectures through the air,” says the Passau senior Prosecutor Walter Feiler. No wonder, then, finally, the scene of the crime in Passau recalled a staging of a horror movie. A maid found Torsten W. on the bed in the three bed room lying down, with arrows in the chest and in the skull, next to him, who is twenty years younger Kerstin E., also of arrows from a crossbow pierced, in front of you on the floor, Farina C., killed by an arrow in the neck and spine. It’s all talk “that this was a Happening between the three people,” says the Prosecutor. With Farina C. as the suspected shooter, who took then life itself.


This is a photo of Carina U comes from the Facebook page of the medieval Association of Torsten W.

©Sandra Stein Exclusive

“crossbow case”

The parents of the dead 19-Year-old in the stern Interview: “Carina didn’t have to die”

Nora Gantenbrink, it Was a date to Die?

The autopsy revealed no Defensive wounds at the Couple, it held on to the Hand. As the police of the teacher, Gertrud C., who was married to Farina C., wanted to deliver the death message, she found two more bodies, Gertrud C., and Carina and The cause of death is not yet clarified, there were no external injuries, the Prosecutor’s office of Hildesheim. A date to Die, a death in mutual agreement?

Although the setting was prepared in Passau to the smallest Detail – in the case of the dead wills were missing so far, any indication of a motive. One of the reviewers will now find out whether it is possible to shoot yourself with a crossbow. The investigators want to make sure that there is no “Sixth or Seventh” hides behind the fact that the collective suicide was perhaps a cleverly staged murder. This is based on the current state rather unlikely. Probably in two weeks, the police are present in Passau your report. There should be no evidence of surviving accomplices, the cases as suicides and “killing on Demand” to the files, the case would be completed.

The high school student Carina U is the latest victim in the crossbow case,

Bitter, in particular, for the members, if not clear could be: Was put under pressure, perhaps even be driven to death? Ask the parents of the youngest victim, Carina U., high school student, 19 years old. The parents of Carina U., a physicist-couple from the West woods, see Torsten W. as a key figure of the drama, even if he end up Killing the other left. He had already had for three years a massive influence on her daughter (see the current issue of the magazine star for an Interview) and you are alienated from them.

Mysterious deaths

Who all a crossbow is allowed to buy – and why it is not valid as a weapon

Torsten W. can’t comment on the allegations. But documents available to the star, show that the parents have led a year-long battle against Torsten W.. Against a man of 53 years, who succeeded, intelligent young women to attract and how to treat slaves.

The burly Torsten W. had a lot of business cards. He was a horse breeder, had started breeding in the year 2000, a small hobby at Koblenz, “the farms of today, one of the most prestigious horse” on the count, so he wrote on his Homepage. That seems to be exaggerated.

Actually, he stopped, and his wife (who was not among the dead,) two valuable stallions, the tournaments won. Torsten W. gave riding lessons and self-discovery courses, in his “Academy for equine-assisted personal development”. Either he gave himself as a psychologist or animal psychologist. Both of which he was not research of the star, according to.


This photo shows Carina as a Teenager on a class trip in Berlin’s Tiergarten Park, before you cast a spell, Torsten W.

©became a Private first contact with the martial arts club

Torsten W. is, apparently, a trained carpenter, and was born in Gronau. He paid in cash only. Where he got the money is unclear. In the town of Hachenburg, ten kilometers away from his home in Borod, operation, Torsten W. for years, a martial arts club, the “Scorpion MMA & Muay Thai”. Among his known circle, Philipp W., a teacher at a private high school. One of his students was Carina & On his recommendation, she began at the beginning of 2016 a sample training with Torsten W. you had fun at the combat sports, raved to their parents by the Charisma of the Trainer.

another former pupil, who had one of the training courses in 2000, Torsten W., reported in the “Rhein-Zeitung”, Torsten W. have already asked the girls whether they were already sexually active. Once he had the Training, when they were alone, placed on it. She announced. The student is the System of “Hawk” presents: “The Association was organized in two parts. The front of the room, the normal Training took place. From time to time has invited Torsten W., weaker, unstable state personalities to a special Training in the back room.”

student changed within a few months, drastically

her daughter had been a self-conscious girl, make it clear to the parents of Carina. However, under the influence of Torsten W. you observed as you changed within a few months dramatically. Carina withdrew from her family, broke up with her boyfriend, at the end of June, she moved at his own request in a youth assistance institution, later, she accused her parents to mistreat.

The parents had to manipulate Torsten W. suspected their daughter. They filed a complaint for fraud against the coach. They suspected a cult behind the club, they turned on her school, demanded enlightenment, because Philipp W. had as a Latin teacher in a special relationship of trust to Carina.

teacher Philipp W. took in July 2016, the Leben. Shortly before his death in an E-Mail circulated, entitled “My last will”, with a bitter accusation against the school and against her parents, which the sender slander accused.

After the discovery of five bodies

Strange crossbow case: the public Prosecutor

In the charged atmosphere after the death of the teacher, says Carina requested at the end of August 2016 at the youth office, to deprive their parents of custody. She was accompanied with the appointment of Farina C., one of the women from the middle circle to Torsten W.

Among the four women who followed him now to the point of death, played by Farina C. a special role. She was a successful professional, completed her training as a sales Director with distinction. She was his “private Secretary,” and, apparently, the perfect border Crosser between worlds. Farina C., requested custody of Carina, but Carina’s parents fought back. With Success.


Torsten W., with a black cowl on his horse. The image comes from the Facebook page of the medieval Association.

the parents hired a Detective

they turned on a private Detective to find out who influenced their daughter. Rolf Wants to, 52, who runs a detective Agency business in Koblenz, Germany, observed the student over a period of months. He found out that she had lived in the care facility, just 60 kilometres from her parents ‘ house, a single room and completely withdrawn. “She spoke with anyone, not even with the other children there.”

At the end of 18. Birthday took them, with low-bowed head, face hidden behind hair hidden, a supervisor drove her to the train station, followed by a Detective. There Torsten W. was waiting in a black Audi on you. Carina seemed to be happy.

and Then was gone Carina for a few weeks. 23. April of last year, the Detective discovered you in Borod, in the house in the street pointed. She returned the gutters in the courtyard of the house of Torsten W. While your roommate is inside with the dog went for a walk, “my impression was that Carina was not allowed to leave the house,” says Will.

crossbow case

body finds in Passau, Germany, and Korea: What has been found by the police so far

DPA Pale with a blank look

At 18. December of last year, she opened the door, as the Detective rang the bell, her roommates had just left the house. He made an appearance as a postman. In front of a pallor to him. And your empty view. Carina “sought no help,” he says. You would have been able to escape, but you seemed to lack the strength or you wouldn’t have it. Will says: “it was like being walled in.”

Carina & will be buried this Thursday. Ask parents from mourning clothes in sight. Because of the circle of Torsten W. wore only black, and at least on this day, nothing to remember, Torsten W.. For the obituary, the parents chose the quote: “Because things are happening that we can not comprehend, we stand by powerless and dumb.”

An in-depth Interview with the parents of Carina & read them in the current star

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