The key messages in the Overview:the Rhine-Kirmes in Düsseldorf because of the severe weather interrupted (16 hours)in a plane crash in the state of Baden-Württemberg – several Dead (13.46 PM)the threat of hackers to hijack the Account of Scotland Yard – to force release of the Rapper (12.57 p.m.), police, migrants-Bus stop – the driver jumps out of the door (11.42 PM)gondola from falls – nearly 200 people with helicopters evacuated (10.21 p.m.), dozens of migrants to the border fence to overcome the Spanish exclave of Melilla (04.04 PM)”El Chapo” is the sentence in high security prison (02.12 PM)at Least 17 people died due to adulterated liquor in Costa Rica (01.07 PM)

The news of the weekend:

+++ 16 p.m.: More than 20,000 protesters calling for municipal election in Moscow +++

More than 20,000 protesters are gone, according to the non-governmental organization White Counter in Moscow for a municipal election on the road. The 21.500 participants protested in the centre of the Russian capital against the exclusion of dozens of opposition candidates for the September referendum. In the case of the authorized rally, several opposition politicians, including the prominent Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny were. The Moscow election Commission had excluded 57 candidates from the vote, including almost all opposition supporters. The authority justified this with formal defects.

high-rise fire in Philadelphia

escape from fire rescues man as Spiderman


star journey of the worlds

Norway’s fjords with Hurtigruten early booking offer:

50. Anniversary

end Why the dream of the trip to the moon is back in the news

consumer & product comparisons

DIY & DIY drugstore & Beauty electronics & technology, family & children, household & furnishing, Outdoor & sports


man pushes woman in front of incoming train – Victim dies

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News today

Tehran sets of two British ships in the Strait of Hormuz



Tests evaluated incorrectly? Many students commit suicide after by examination for fall

Catholics and Protestants

more and more people are leaving the churches, nevertheless, you will get more money

number of victims rises

So many cyclists lose their lives in accidents

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News today

United States shoot down Iranian drone over the Strait of Hormuz



play No 100 meters from the beach: Ancient Roman ship at the Playa de Palma discovered

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