In the German domestic politics has flared up a dispute about how our education system with children should not handle, speak sufficient English. The Deputy Union faction leader Carsten Linnemann suggested in the “Rheinische Post” to postpone the Enrolment of children, who speak little English, and reaped in part, harsh criticism, especially from political opponents. So the media comment on the much-discussed foray linnemann starts to.

Should make the school? The media response to the controversial initiative of the CDU-politician Linnemann

world: “Linnemann has not, as he is proposed to punish six-year-old. He wants to be able to participate in intensive support in a mandatory Preschool so that the children are equipped better later in the regular classes. Anyone who thinks it’s hostile to foreigners, should look at how the country of immigration, Canada achieved its outstanding integration results. There are children, the of the English or French are still powerful come, first in special institutions in which the acquisition of language has the highest priority. At the latest after a year it goes to a mainstream school. The proportion of foreigners is often high, does not matter at all, because all the students can follow the teaching without linguistic difficulties.”

Berlin3: debate about English knowledge

A scandal? Yes, especially the media! Why Linnemann and his claim has legal

By Tilman Gerwien

“Straubinger Tagblatt”: “is Anything wrong with that, better language skills at school to ask for beginners. In the case, there would have been but other, more rewarding, and practicable starting points. A debate on how existing services – before and after Training – improved and expanded dovetail can be, have all brought far more than these inflated bogus debate about political style.”

“Frankfurter Rundschau”: “Who reduced the current problems at the schools on the most recent immigration, in the process, ignored its own role. Since the Union has been always felt in government responsibility, would have to Linnemann ask, what is the share of his party has in mind. A long time have benefited from German support in the classroom, almost only those who were regarded as ‘English’ – i.e., ethnic German repatriates. Other, for example, children from migrant families, were not encouraged. For refugee children, there were very long no compulsory education. The Linnemann debate is the wrong one. The proper debate would be about the opportunities. It is about redistribution of money and investment in education. It comes to a fair tax system that creates opportunities, and not those, which are already disadvantaged.”

thrust of the CDU-politician

Poor English skills of children: What elementary school teachers (really) are useful

Florian Schillat

“Süddeutsche Zeitung”: “children with a poor knowledge of German, would find in elementary school, “nothing”, hold for him, first and foremost, a Problem, the need to be addressed urgently. After all, it is the “power level” of the majority of German-speaking six-year-old. There are tens of thousands of children who came in spite of poor or no knowledge of the German language with their peers in the first class, lightning fast in practice, English learned and later examples of successful Integration. But the Linnemann ignored. He would prefer that the school career of children with an immigrant background starts with a reset. That those children often want nothing more than to be treated in the same way as their German-speaking peers, ignored Linnemann, always the “power level” of six-year-old in front of eyes. The CDU politician deliberately uses a rhetoric of exclusion.”

taz: “What is the Union group Vice-operates with his pseudo sober thesis of porridge, is pure populism, nothing else. If he would be of the German language is actually so powerful, like he expects it from small children, he would not use long, the word “Integration”, but Segregation. Put, Six.”

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