the agreement reached by The EU States and the European Parliament for the storage of fingerprints in identity cards is meeting resistance. Representatives of the SPD and the Greens criticized the plans and hoped for a refusal in the further parliamentary procedure. According to the previous plans in the new machine-readable identity to identify in addition to a photo in the future, two fingerprints saved. You could be a contactless read out.

The Romanian presidency of the EU Council stated that it agreed with the European Parliament, provisionally, of this scheme. However, do not need to agree with only the house but also the interior Committee. He deals expected to start in early March with the question. The aim of the new documents was to faster to identify fake documents and identity theft, as well as to make terrorists and Criminals life harder, said the Romanian Minister of the interior Carmen Daniela Dan. At the same time it would make it easier for citizens to travel.

The identity cards should reported to be safe from hackers.

Thus, two fingers, fingerprints are stored on a digital Chip, such as the EU member States. The identity cards must machines will be readable in the credit card Format is issued, contain a photo, and five to ten years to be valid. In Germany, the fingerprint is the identity card so far, voluntarily, in the passport since 2007, Standard.

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The European Parliament and the EU member States must confirm the agreement in the coming weeks formally. Two years later, all newly issued passports must meet the new requirements. That have already been issued identity cards that do not meet the new rules, should remain in the rule is still valid for ten years unless they expire earlier.

in Addition, there are provided measures for data protection. The national authorities would need to ensure that the Chips, on which the data is to be stored, can not be hacked and no one could access it without permission, shared with the EU member States.

EU politicians of the Greens to speak of data collection

The EU Commission had proposed in April 2018, the new rules, the use of false documents to contain. These were often used by terrorists and criminals to enter the EU, it said. In accordance with the information of around 80 million Europeans passports are not machine-readable appreciated.


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the greens and the social Democrats in the European Parliament criticised the agreement sharp. “The mandatory storage of the fingerprints on staff is a serious interference in the fundamental rights statements,” said SPD interior politician, Sylvia-Yvonne Kaufmann. It would be useful to create higher Standards for identity cards and to unify the documents. “The mandatory storage of the fingerprints on the Cards, however, is disproportionate and not necessary.”

The Green MEP Sven Giegold said: “Mass identity theft is already with new Cards is not a serious Problem. Finger in the Show, a Placebo, and the framing of security and the data collection is fuelled with a fingerprint.”

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