The Regensburg Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer positioned to to the moon nisierungs-Try the Catholic Church: women should continue to be allowed, no priesthood they hold. “Jesus has deliberately appointed only men as apostles, as the fathers of the new Israel, which had him in mind and then also in the Christian cult.” So he responds to the Maria 2.0-Church of the strike. Nationwide, thousands of women took part in the strike. They criticised especially the male power structures in the Catholic Church, as well as the dealing with sexual abuse and requested access to the ordination offices.

“Gender ideology” has been preaching theological consequences

The Text of Voderholzers on the Website of the diocese of Regensburg published. In it, he addresses the “Gender ideology” of today’s society: “The fundamental challenge in the creation of shared cherishing of a man and a woman to each other has not but only a significant anthropological, but also theological, and in particular the sacraments-theological.”

source : the sermon of Bishop Voderholzer

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