What happened last night in fact, after the fatal Truck accident on the A8 near Pforzheim? Be opened, and the onlookers, the door of the ambulance, to shoot one of the injured victims of accidents movies and photos? The had informed the police of Karlsruhe yesterday evening in a first report from the scene of the accident.

A spokeswoman for the German red cross Association Pforzheim-Enzkreis later denied the communication from the officials. The Gaffer had come to the ambulance close. But no one tried to open the door of the vehicle. Rather, had tried, from a hill next to the highway, to throw a glance in the car. The police insisted on their representation of the incident. Accordingly, a rescue assistant, have reported the accident to officials of the incident.


Drunk man steals ambulance, while in the back Patient is treated

DPA But not Gawker? DRC suspected of misunderstanding,

yesterday, the police had asked witnesses to Use, because a paramedic “had their hands full,” and the particularly Intrusive Gaffer could not identify. Other onlookers, who also participated in the accident scene photos and Videos of attorney granted to the officials, references. The police in Karlsruhe, now wants to clarify what happened after the accident. The DRC spokeswoman believed that it came during the rescue of understanding between the paramedics and the officials are working to a miss.

In the case of the serious accident in the amount of Wurmberg, the driver came one of the two involved Trucks were killed. The 59-Year-old died at the scene of the accident.

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