The question is some truth to the air. For a long time, many myths, are circulating a supposed responses, legends, jokes. Even the scal rigidity and FBI Director James Comey has made his thoughts on the subject.

where does Donald Trump, his tan?

A question that is now being pursued by the “New York Times” (NYT). Apparently taken aback by the fact that the U.S. President maintains his “striking sun-kissed glow” even during the pale winter in Washington. The alleged response shows, writes the American newspaper, that his tan is a state to remain “secret”. But you speak of a frequently quoted statement.

Donald Trump and the “living skin”

The “lively tone” as the “NYT” and “Orange”, as the US Comedy show “Saturday Night Live” describes has already been in books discussed. Among others, Omarosa Manigault-Newman, a former adviser to the US President, wants to have it in your tell-all book (“Unhinged: an Insider’s Account of the Trump White House”) reveal: Trump lays down on the sunbed. To be in front of trump’s presidency have been so, according to Jason Kelly, the “Make-up Artist of the Republicans”, the ausplauderte in the fashion magazine “Harper’s Bazaar” the alleged Beauty secrets of the politicians.

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Niels Kruse

Almost state-supporting the speculation, as well as the former FBI chief James Comey- the Trump out had mused kicked – in his Memoir (“is Greater than the office”) about the tan of the US President. At their first Meeting, “appeared, his face slightly orange,” wrote Comey, “with bright, white half-moons under his eyes, where he, as I suspect small tanning goggles had been placed”.

Now, possibly, “the New York Times has released” the secret – or not. As for trump’s tan, only to be “good genes” are responsible. So I told a member of staff of the White house, the newspaper, the have passed the information on to the guise of anonymity. Admittedly, Even a little face powder should be in the game. However, one without a tan effect. And also only if the US President stepping in front of cameras. Reports on sunbeds in the White house, or even the use of tanning agents to give, however, several “NYT”sources from the White house, there is a cancellation.

sources: “New York Times”, “Harper’s Bazaar”