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Johnson’s lead grows – Stewart out (19.21 p.m.)squirrel on Crystal Meth (16.25 PM)AfD-politician in the North-East club with Shotguns belong to (16.14)to protect Four charges of shooting down the MH17 flight (13.27 PM)implemented by France Ex-President Sarkozy must be because of bribery allegations before the court (13.15)Christine Lambrecht new Jusitzministerin (12.44 PM)is: Notes on the responsibility of the Saudi crown Prince in the case of Khashoggi-murder (12.10 p.m.)police are investigating after the death of a magician in India (10: 25), More than 70 million people on the run (7.04 PM)

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+++ 23.07 PM: the area is locked to the White house for short periods +++

The area around the White house in Washington temporarily been disabled. Background a found backpack and a suspicious-acting man who jumped over a bike rack, as the Secret Service announced. Reporter reported from the White house that they had been asked by the open-air site in the press room. The lockdown was lifted after police information a little later. The Suspect was temporarily detained. The Review of the backpack have not corroborated the suspicion. President Trump was not at the relevant time in the White house.