The continued existence of the Grand coalition is of the view that the SPD Federal Vice Ralf Stegner, one of the core issues in the race for the party presidency.

“But I warn to overestimate, because a coalition is a political Alliance at the time. The SPD, however, is much more,” said Stegner, the German press Agency. Coalition questions clock to be in nature and have to do with the identity of the SPD bit. “If we start to define ourselves by other parties, then it is much worse for the SPD than I thought.”

Stegner sees in the members decision on the future of the party top is a “huge opportunity”. “This can be good for our party just because there will be a passionate and public debates on the content and staffing orientation,” said the 59-Year-old. He anticipated with other Teams and individual candidates. The leader of the Faction in the state Parliament of Schleswig-Holstein itself is traded as a possible candidate for the SPD chair. To Stegner, the “Passauer Neue Presse” said: “eggs should hatch if they are laid out. I do not believe that everyone not only explains that he’s running.”

For Stegner the race to the SPD chair is completely open. “The decision winner in the end and no losers, if we do this right.” It could be “entirely different, as many believe, because it is only to our members”. He hopes to have as many candidates as possible. “It would be nice if all those apply, seriously, can participate in the competition.” Applicants must 1 to. September, the members of the support of at least five sub-districts, a district or a country Association.

so Far, this only applies for Minister of state for Europe Michael Roth and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia member of the Landtag Christina Kampmann. Apply also to the members of the Bundestag Karl Lauterbach and Nina Scheer, as well as the Flensburg mayor Simone Long and Bautzen, the mayor Alexander Ahrens. The Vice-President of the SPD economic forum, Robert Maier, also announced his candidacy in the “world”. The candidates should be put on more than 20 regional conferences nationwide Basis.

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