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investigation against the investigator in the case, search Peggy (16.18 PM)Life in the process to poisoned Lunches (15.10), according to Rebecca: the police combed the forest in Brandenburg (13.01 hours), and Long prison sentences in “Elysium”-process (12.13 PM), ignored thousands of warnings on war criminals (7.14 PM)AfD wants to limit term of office for the Federal Chancellor (4.27 PM)

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+++ 18.18 PM: search for Rebecca in the Brandenburg forest for the time being, set +++

the search for The missing 15-year-old Rebecca in a forest in Brandenburg is set in the evening unsuccessful. The search will continue, said a spokeswoman for the Berlin police at the conclusion of the seven-hour mission. However, it is not yet known when and where. Meanwhile, further information from members of the public when the police received the case, the number increased to around 700.

With hundreds of police officers, search dogs and a helicopter scoured on Thursday since 11.00 a wooded area near the town of Storkow, Southeast of Berlin. The 15-Year-old from Berlin since the 18th century. February missing. Your brother-in-law has been in pre-trial detention. The German is suspected to have the youth killed. A body has not been found but.

+++ 18.02 PM: musicians create with Video shooting of the large-scale operation of the police +++

Four menacing looking men with axe and shotguns have in the Thuringian town of Bucha for a large-scale operation of the police. The frightened residents called officials arrived, according to police information with all available patrol cars and a police helicopter. But soon the all-clear could be given: A Band shot in the small town in the Saale-holzland-Kreis Youtube Video. The musicians had set up for carnival masks and armed with menacing Gestures posed in front of an apartment building and displaced residents in fear.

+++ 17.46 PM: More than a hundred references to explosives in the Rhineland-Palatinate +++

In the case of the Rhineland-Palatinate, laid allegedly by a now deceased man out explosives are received by the police in Kaiserslautern, in the meantime, more than a hundred notes. The officials did not exclude the possibility that, in the district of Kaiserslautern, where the suspect Bernhard gray-man lived, more booby-traps were hidden. The special Commission on the case, working “on all cylinders”, they shared.

In the past few days, the police had found three explosive devices, designed grey man, to harm people with whom he had a quarrel. On Friday, a doctor in Enkenbach-Alsenborn had died as a result of an Explosion. On Sunday were injured in otter mountain, in a further Detonation of two people. On Wednesday, a third explosive was discovered by set.

revenge post-mortem

police found a third explosive case of the dead gardener and warns other possible victims

In the case of the booby-traps in the Palatinate, with one dead and two injured, a further explosive device was discovered. It is not excluded according to the investigators that the deceased had planned to be suspected for more acts of revenge.

DPA +++ 17.40 PM: Stalker after Penetration into the apartment of Taylor Swift was arrested +++

A persistent Stalker, US musician Taylor Swift has been taken to a new burglary in their apartment. According to police, the 23-Year-old was taken in the night in the house of the Stars in New York. The man was entered, therefore, into the Apartment, after he had smashed a window. The musician was not according to the police, to the time when at home.

last April, the Intrusive Stalker was a break-in at Swift. At the time, he used a ladder to get in through a window in the house. Also, in the case of the Star was not in the building. A judge had sentenced the Florida-born 23-Year-old to six months in prison and imposed on him to have psychiatric treatment.

in Addition, he had been forbidden to approach swift’s apartment in New York. The man had not begun his prison sentence, as he was now in focus again. After his arrest, the young man was taken into custody. He is accused of, among other things, burglary.

+++ 16.32 at: Queen sets her own Instagram Post from +++

Tweeted she had already, now Queen Elizabeth II (92) has also published its own first contribution to the photo-platform Instagram. This has informed the British Royal family. On a Instagram Video was to see how the monarch tapped on a Tablet Computer. The occasion of the first personal Instagram Posts of the 92-Year-old, a visit to the Science Museum in London. You have seen a letter from the Royal archives, the Computer pioneer Charles Babbage in 1843, to your great-great-grandfather had written, it was just a photo of the historic document. Babbage had reports of his “Analytical Engine” (Analytical engine) – a precursor to the computer.

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Today, as I visit the Science Museum I was interested to discover a letter from the Royal Archives, written in 1843 to my great-great-grandfather Prince Albert. Charles Babbage, credited as the world’s first computer pioneer, designed the “Difference Engine”, of which Prince Albert had the opportunity to see a prototype in July 1843. In the letter, Babbage told Queen Victoria and Prince Albert about his invention the “Analytical Engine” upon which the first computer program were created by Ada Lovelace, a daughter of Lord Byron. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of learning about children’s computer coding initiative and it seems fitting to me that I publish this Instagram post, at the Science Museum, which has long championed technology, innovation and inspired the next generation of inventors. Elizabeth R. PHOTOS: Supplied by the Royal Archives © Royal Collection Trust / Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 2019

A post shared by The Royal Family (@theroyal family) on Mar 7, 2019 at 3:31am PST

+++ 16.18 PM: Murder case Peggy public Prosecutor’s office takes investigators to target +++

In the case of the killed girl, Peggy, the würzburg public Prosecutor’s office determined, among other things, against two police officers and a Prosecutor of the office of the Prosecutor of Bayreuth. The lawyer of the man who had been convicted in 2004 for the murder of the nine-year-old, a criminal complaint for violation of the confidentiality of the word, said a spokesman for the Wuerzburg authority. The lawyer alleges that the accused, now a witness, a recording of a confidential conversation of your clients to have with his father. The recording was secretly made and to use as evidence only with a special judge’s approval. Overall, the würzburg office of the public Prosecutor are, according to their own information the four Indicators of the lawyer. One of them is directed against unknown members of the special Commission Peggy because of violation of official secrecy and of a special duty of confidentiality. The office of the public Prosecutor in Bayreuth rejects the allegations.

warrant cancelled

change in the murder case Peggy: suspect from custody released

In the endless investigation into the murder of Peggy, there is again a u-turn. Now, the 41-year-old suspect in custody has been released. A court the results of the investigation were not enough to keep him in custody.

DPA +++ 15.22 PM: EU approves agreement on mutual disaster relief +++

The member States of the EU have adopted new rules for its cooperation in cases of disaster final. It will created an additional Reserve for emergency funding to support about in the case of forest fires, industrial disasters, or nuclear, the national forces of accidents, said the Council of the member States in Brussels. Europe’s civil protection currently works on a voluntary Basis through the mutual support of the member States. The new Reserve is intended to Supplement the national reserves and ensure that existing resources are used more efficiently. This summer, you should be ready to use. An EU civil protection there will be against it.

+++ 15.10: Poison break bread: Life imprisonment for man from Eastern Westphalia, Germany +++

To attempted murder with poisoned sandwiches at the workplace, a man from East Westphalia, has been sentenced to life in prison. The district court of Bielefeld ordered in addition to secure placement for the 57-Year-old, as the judges of a slope going out to other more serious crimes. The defendant had expressed to no time to his deeds.

+++ 14.57 PM: No hope for missing climbers on Nanga Parbat +++

On one of the highest mountains in the world has been exposed to increase in Pakistan, the search for two missing European mountain. A military helicopter would have stopped after more than ten days of intensive search on Nanga Parbat in the Western Himalayas, to search for the two climbers from Italy and Scotland, said Karrar Haidri from the Alpine Club of Pakistan, which is a company, the expeditions organized. The rescuers have no hope that the two men are still alive. The Nanga Parbat also contributes to the unpleasant nickname of “Killer mountain”.

+++ 13.58 PM: the ECB’s governing Council leaves key interest rate “at least until the end of 2019” + + +

The Phase of low interest rates will last at least until the end of the year. The Council of the European Central Bank (ECB) will leave key interest rates “at least until the end of 2019” unchanged, as a spokesman on Thursday in Frankfurt am Main said. In addition, the ECB announced a new aid package for the European banks from September 2019 until March 2021. As a result, the lending of the banks is to be increased.

+++ 13.50 PM: Convicted Archbishop of Lyon, wants to ask Pope to dismissal +++

because of the cover-up of child abuse condemned the Archbishop of Lyon, wants to ask Pope Francis to his dismissal. The cardinal Philippe Barbarin, announced in his diocese. The highest-ranking dignitaries of the Catholic Church in France was sentenced earlier to six months in prison on probation because he had concealed the abuse by a priest.

+++ 13.01 PM: finding Rebecca: police scour woodland in Brandenburg +++

In search of for almost three weeks missing schoolgirl Rebecca from Berlin by the police after a Site in Brandenburg.

According to the investigators, it is an area in the vicinity of the small town of Storkow Southeast of Berlin, several media reports, according of a forest. Officials of the homicide, hundreds of riot police and a helicopter in use, after a note on the site had been received. Storkow is located in the vicinity of highway 12.

On her car, the suspect’s brother-in-law of the Missing was shortly after the Disappearance of Rebecca’s on Monday, the 18. February, and a day out of a traffic monitoring system recorded.

+++ 12.39 PM: house fire in Nürnberg – the victims died of smoke inhalation +++

The five victims in the devastating house fire in Nuremberg, died, according to the investigators of smoke inhalation. This is the autopsy of the bodies revealed, the police announced. On Saturday, a 34-Year-old mother, an infant and three other children were at the age of four, five and seven years old. They had been surprised in the attic of the house, probably in the bedroom of the fire. The two 68 and a 69-year-old grandparents, the 41-year-old daughter and an eight-year-old son survived the disaster. You was able to save himself from the burning house in the industrial area.

+++ 12.13 PM: Long prison sentences in the process to child porn platform “Elysium” +++

In the process the vast amounts of child porn platform “Elysium” have been sentenced the four defendants to long prison terms. The district court in the Hessian town of Limburg imposed penalties of between three years and ten months and nine years and nine months. The men from Bavaria, Hesse and Baden-Württemberg should have built in the so-called Darknet-powered Forum with tens of thousands of members and cared for – they were accused of, among other things, due to the dissemination, acquisition and possession of child pornographic writings.

+++ 12.06 PM: the investigative team Devid solves Striesow in the Saar-“Tatort” + + +

An investigative team follows Devid Striesow in the Saarländischer Rundfunk (SR), produced in “Tatort”-episodes: The actor Daniel Straesser as Adam Schürk and Vladimir Burlakov as Leo woods will identify in the future as a detective chief commissioners, as the SR announced on Thursday in Saarbrücken. The filming for the first episode with the two of them begin already next week in Saarbrücken, Püttlingen.

time lapse Video

cruise ship reaches Taufhafen

“Aida Prima” is running for the first time to Hamburg

By Till Bartels +++ 12.03 PM: more and more German cruise vacationers – record +++

more and more holidaymakers from Germany on a cruise. In the year 2018, the shipping companies counted a total of 2.26 million passengers on sea-going vessels – as many as never before. The industry Association Clia Germany and the German travel Association announced on Thursday the travel fair ITB in Berlin.

+++ 11.42 PM: rapist from preventive detention in Berlin escape +++

A convicted rapist has escaped from preventive detention in Berlin-Tegel. The man was not returned on Wednesday evening from an unaccompanied output, said a spokesman for the Berlin justice administration of the AFP, thus confirming corresponding media reports. The offender had been sentenced in 2001 to ten years in prison for rape, assault and robbery. He was then housed since 2011 to secure custody in the prison of Tegel.

Since June of 2016, were allowed him, accompanied outputs, since January of 2018, he was the prison, also unaccompanied leave. The total of 191 outputs were according to the judiciary spokesman, inconspicuous. He made no indication of where the man could be and what could be the backgrounds of his disappearance. After the rapist is wanted.

+++ 11.38 PM: Egyptian police kill seven alleged terrorists +++

The Egyptian police has been killed in firefights in the vicinity of Cairo, according to official data, seven people. For them it was terrorists, informed the Egyptian interior Ministry. Three of them were blown when they wanted to place in Giza in Cairo an explosive device. During the arrest, it came to a firefight, in which the men were killed. A police officer had been injured, the Ministry said. Four more men died, according to the figures, in a subsequent RAID in an apartment.

+++ 11.03 PM: the US Senator, McSally Was the air force officer +++

raped by The US-Senator Martha McSally is according to own statements during your time in the air force of a high-ranking officer raped. Also she was a “Survivor of sexual abuse in the military,” said the politician of the Republican party of President Donald Trump at a hearing before a Senate Committee. How many other victims they did not see the rape because she “didn’t trust the System”.

The 52-Year-old, who sits for the state of Arizona in the Senate, had served for 26 years in the U.S. air force. She was the first U.S. female pilot to fly a combat mission. In 2010, she retired from the military. She moved in as a Nachrückerin for the past year deceased Republican Senator John McCain in Congress.

+++ 10.50 PM: men’s group in Leipzig, insulted and beaten by Africans +++

to have offended A group of men in Leipzig, a West African-born 22-Year-old and beat up. As the Saxon state office of criminal investigation announced, should have insulted the drunken men at the age from 23 to 40 years, and her victims on Saturday in a tram hostile to foreigners. Then, you should have the young man from the car and beaten him pushed.

police broke up the attack. The injured victim was brought to the out-patient treatment in a hospital. A suspect, a total of eight known attacker. Against you will be determined because of dangerous bodily injury and insult. Breath alcohol tests gave values between 1.1 and 1.7 ppm. The police terrorism and extremism in the centre of defence, the investigation and the bat took charge of potential witnesses, to come forward.

+++ 10.13 PM: Six months on probation for the Archbishop of Lyon due to the abuse cover up +++

In France, the Archbishop of Lyon, cardinal Philippe Barbarin has been convicted of abuse cover-up to six months in prison on probation. A court in Lyon spoke to him on Thursday guilty a Catholic priest met the needs of children and young people miss. In addition to the cardinal five other churches-Responsible were before the court.

+++ 9.44 PM: Explosion near a political event in Kabul +++

An Explosion has rocked a major political event in the Afghan capital, Kabul. The event was then ended immediately, and participants, including leading government officials and opposition politicians, took to flight. “Keep calm, the site of the Explosion is far away,” said the former Chairman of the lower house, Mohammad Yunus Kanuni, in the case of a Live broadcast during the event. Shortly afterwards, another Explosion was heard. Participants ran in the direction of the exit.

+++ 9.18 PM: rescue forces search for Missing in gold mine in Indonesia, a +++

Nine days after the collapse of an illegal gold mine in Indonesia, the rescue forces have ceased their search for dozens of Missing. Because of the potential for landslides, the use had become too dangerous, said a representative of the civil protection authority, Abdul Muin Paputungan, on Thursday. Accordingly, 27 bodies from the Mine have been rescued, 18 miners were alive to be rescued. How many people are still missing, is unclear. Some miners had reported, according to rescue forces of up to one hundred pals, which were at the time of the accident in the Mine.

+++ 9.02 am: After power failure: Tiroler Zugspitzbahn, for the time being not in operation +++

After the power outage at the Tiroler Zugspitzbahn is still unclear when the railway is back in operation. Sure that the train will not ride on Thursday, said a spokeswoman. Due to a fallen tree that had fallen in the line, it had given on Wednesday to a power failure at the Zugspitze cable railway in the Austrian, Ehrwald. 82 people were stuck in a gondola and had to be taken with a mountain gondola to the mountain. The rescue operation lasted almost four hours.

+++ 8.51 PM: Five months after the murder in Gelsenkirchen: the arrest of four men +++

Five months after the murder of a 63-Year-old in Gelsenkirchen, the police can take the four suspects. During a RAID on six apartments in Dortmund, Essen and Herne arrest warrants against the four men, aged 23 to 26 years had been completed, informed the police and the Prosecutor’s office. In the apartments a lot of data had been seized in addition carrier.

The further investigation by the police and the Prosecutor’s office food lasted, according to investigators. The Suspects were killed in October in the Gelsenkirchen district of Rotthausen the victim. At the time, a local resident took place after a loud verbal disputes several men the 63-Year-old with severe stab wounds on a sidewalk lying. The man was died on the spot.

+++ 8.43 PM: Guaidó: the expulsion of Ambassador Kriener is “a threat against Germany” +++

The self-proclaimed transitional President of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, has once again criticized the expulsion of the German Ambassador, Daniel Kriener and a tightening of sanctions against the left-nationalist leadership of the South American country demanded. The action against Kriener point “a threat against Germany”, said Guaidó the “mirror”. The Venezuelan head of state Nicolas Maduro wanted to show that he still has Power, said Guaidó. Maduro is not capable of an Ambassador to be shown, therefore, that he himself had asked Kriener also, to stay in the country, said Guaidó. He hoped that “Europe is responding to this serious threat against Ambassador sharp”.

+++ 7.52 PM: Two children in sinking of refugee boat died +++

The sinking of a refugee boat near the Greek island of Samos, came to authorities ‘ reports, two children were killed. The two children had died shortly after their rescue, told the coast guard. Shortly thereafter, the corpse of a man had been recovered. In the boat, including another child should have at least found twelve people. According to the International organization for Migration, more than 200 migrants arrived to 2019 already killed in an attempt to cross the Mediterranean sea. The majority of it was on the way to Italy.

+++ 7.14 PM: report: authorities ignored thousands of warnings on war crimes +++

In the Wake of the strong refugee influx of thousands of notes on possible war in Germany are criminals among asylum seekers unprocessed search. This is after the “image”information from the response of the Federal Ministry of the interior, on the request of the FDP parliamentary group.

After that, the German Federal office for Migration and refugees (Bamf) from 2014 to early 2019, approximately 5000 references to “crimes under international law” at the Federal criminal police office and the attorney General. Other Make 2000 notes had come. But only in 129 cases, investigations had been recorded. In the years 2015/16, so at the peak of the refugee influx, there were, according to the report, 3800 notes, however, there were only 28 investigations.

+++ 7.08 PM: the RAID on money transport – police are hunting further to the perpetrators +++

After the Robbery on a money transport at the airport of Cologne/Bonn, the police continues to search for the two fugitives offenders. “The actions we identify,” said a police spokesman. For more information on the investigation of the speaker is not made. Two Masked man had robbed the money van on Wednesday and a security guard shot and critically injured. After emergency surgery, the old man was on Wednesday afternoon, in danger of their lives. The robbers escaped from the airport with a suitcase in a black car. In the Porz district of Cologne, they set fire to the wagon. In the burnt-out car wreck discovered by investigators later, a Kalashnikov assault rifle. Whether the robber the money stolen, police said.

+++ 6.26 PM: civil action against the convicted Australian cardinal Pell +++

In Australia, filed a new civil has been filed against the for child abuse convicts Curia, cardinal George Pell. This was confirmed by the court of representatives in Melbourne. Background allegations, the former Pope are Familiar have touched in the 1970s in his hometown of Ballarat in a swimming pool, children immoral. Australian media had reported in recent days, an alleged victims of abuse is planning a civil suit.

Because of the allegations, there had been a procedure; this was set at the end of February. The submitted civil action is brought against Pell, authorities in the Australian state of Victoria and the operators of the Catholic children’s home, in which the plaintiff at the time of the alleged abuse lived.

cardinal George Pell

As a former choir man in the Vatican, a boy the third powerful to bring a case

cardinal George Pell was the head of Finance, the number three in the Vatican. Now, the former Familiar of the Pope is convicted of child abuse. The statement of a victim, a boy of the former choir, brought the 77-Year-old to prison.

DPA +++ 5.03 PM: Two Dead in collision of two cars in Stuttgart +++

The head-on collision of two cars are in Stuttgart, two people were killed. A 25-year-old driver and his 22-year-old passenger died in the night of Thursday to your serious injuries, the police announced. The 20-year-old driver of the other car suffered a shock. How the accident happened, exactly, was in the night initially unclear.

+++ 4.27 PM: AfD wants to limit term of office for the Chancellor: it is Only a re-election +++

The AfD wants to limit the term of office for the Chancellor. A draft of the AfD group for a corresponding Amendment to the basic law, the Bundestag will be expected to be on Thursday of next week for advise.

In the draft it is said that the head of government should in the future only once for re-election. Exceptions should be allowed according to the will of the AfD, only if the Chancellor or the Chancellor takes office in the middle of the legislative period, for example, because the predecessor trust by a vote of no confidence was overthrown.

+++ 3.52 PM: a Severe earthquake off the coast of new Zealand +++

A series of quakes has rocked within a short period of time, the North island of new Zealand. A violent earthquake of magnitude 6,4 in the night of Thursday, an earthquake measuring 5.8 was followed in the Morning, as the U.S. seismological authorities reported. Other, somewhat weaker aftershocks followed. The centers of the quakes were to the North-East of Auckland at a depth of 10 to 30 kilometers. On the possible impact of the shocks to have no layers initially data. The Tsunami warning center for the Pacific indicated that no destructive tsunami was expected.

+++ 3.17 PM: US channel: In Venezuela arrested a Journalist is deported deported +++

in Venezuela, detained US Reporter Cody Weddle, according to one of his employers in the United States. Approximately twelve hours after his arrest, the Reporter had been taken to the international airport of Maiquetía, in order to take a flight in the United States, told the television station WPLG Local 10. Weddle had last reported for various American media about the political crisis in Venezuela, including the transmitter all the way from Florida.

The Journalist and his Venezuelan employee, Carlos Camacho had been taken, according to the press Union SNTP in the Morning by agents of the Venezuelan military intelligence. The officers searched the apartment of the reporter and the hardware work devices. The U.S. state Department was concerned. “Being a Journalist is not a crime,” said a spokesman for the Ministry.