The news site “” has to be analysed and published an internal report of the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution (BfV), in the radical Statements made by leading members of the AfD.

In the document, which was submitted on Monday to the grid, it also lists contacts for individual AfD officials to the extreme right-wing Milieu. The AfD called for due to the publication service of legal consequences for the protection of the Constitution-in-chief Thomas Haldenwang.

the media had quoted in the past few days, several passages from the opinion. The AfD had asked the protection of the Constitution in vain to communicate to her as “classified” classified opinion.

A spokesman for the Federal interior Ministry said in Berlin that it was “regrettable if such documents reach the Public”. He could not tell which way the document is to get the operators of the site. There should be evidence that criminal penalties were necessary, then these would be taken. The BfV did not want to take to the incident position.

The protection of the Constitution had declared in mid-January, the AfD altogether, the “test case”. Still more specifically, the authority wants to look at the law, national “wings” of the AfD and, in the case of the young Alternative. Both were classified as a “suspected case”. Of a suspected case of the Constitution speaks of protection, if, in its opinion, “sufficiently weighty evidence” there is reason to believe “that it is an extremist efforts”. The basis of the decision the opinion was. It is only the Federal office is now, but also the land offices for the protection of the Constitution.

The AfD wants the Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU), the protection of the Constitution-chief Haldenwang for the publication to be accountable. “As Supreme authorities, the head must wear Mr Haldenwang the consequences of that obviously, by the staff of the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution, a confidential classified information to the media was given,” said AfD Deputy Georg Pazderski. “The need to service the legal consequences.”

In the report, it is, it needs to be investigated, the extent to which “anti-democratic basic pattern” of the various organizational units of the party divided and distributed. As an example, an explanation of the lower Saxony AfD-kreisverband Osterholz is headed “in part folk-diction”. It says, among other things: “Man, acting shamelessly and unabashedly the axe to the roots of the people and the Nation of Germany is to be abolished at any price!”

The Saxon Landtag Deputy Kerstin Köditz (Left) said after reading the report: “When you read, you must check and check again, whether the AfD or the NPD. The Similarities to the heavy-handed Nazi language are amazing.”

Especially just the protection of the Constitution considered in his report Statements by the AfD-Chairman Alexander Gauland and the Thuringian AfD-country heads of Björn Höcke. He notes: “on the Basis of the presented statements of Gauland and Höcke, it is clear that your Thinking is based on an ethno-biological and ethno-cultural understanding of the people.”