more and more neo-Nazis to train according to the findings of the constitutional protection offices, specifically for the street fight with your opponents, especially from the left spectrum.

The right-wing extremism expert of the Saxon state office, Henry Krentz, said the Newspapers of the Funke media group (Saturday), individual groups prepared even on a day X, they expected the collapse of the state and the Power wanted to take.

His authority observed “a Trend to a specific preparation for a street fight”. Krentz spoke of a “growing militancy readiness” of the neo-Nazi Combat athletes. “We are watching this very closely and warn against the targeted Training for violent actions.”

Frank Nürnberger, head of the state office for the protection of the Constitution in the state of Brandenburg, told the Newspapers: “We know the combat sports competitions for many years, but we register as the protection of the Constitution, a growing willingness in the right-wing extremist scene, to specifically train for violent confrontations with political opponents.”

In the past few years have established themselves according to the report, especially in Eastern Germany, the rights of martial arts groups. Came to events such as the “battle of the Nibelungen” and the “Tiwaz Festival” thus, hundreds of participants. There, political Speeches and concerts.

From the point of view of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia Constitution protection, the competitions also increase the attractiveness of the scene for “Hooligans and rockers”. In addition, a “world of experience right-wing extremism are well-established in the Events,” said a spokeswoman for the spark of Newspapers. Also right-wing extremism researcher Robert Claus of combat sports, looks, as well as the right rock and hooliganism, as a supporting Element of an “experience-oriented” right-wing scene. The events were used for networking, financing and recruitment.