The protection of the Constitution takes the AfD closer. The new President, Thomas Haldenwang said the AfD in the past week to the so-called “test case”. You mean: statements of party members and the content of the party be analyzed in the future in a systematic way. This is not to say, however, that the total party is a “suspected case”. This higher classification shall apply for the time being, for the grouping “The wing” to the right, Björn Höcke, and the Young Alternative.

But how, exactly, the protection of the Constitution justifies the new assessment? As he assesses the political objectives of Gauland and co.? How strong the racism is more pronounced in the party and Wants to abolish the AfD, perhaps even democracy?

In the confidential report of the constitutional protection for information that is available to the “süddeutsche Zeitung”. In addition to the findings of the “strict standards are particularly” interesting, with the help of the AfD 436 pages apart, writes the newspaper. The opinion bring, therefore, the impression that wool of the constitutional protection is essential to avoid the impression that there were “gorge secret sympathies” for the right-wing populists under the limp huts.


The AfD-politician, Alice rye, Björn Höcke, and Alexander Gauland (right): The racism is the biggest Problem

©John MacDougall/Bernd von Jutrczenka/Michael Kappeler DPA / AFP racism is the greatest threat

this is Interesting: The greatest danger is to see the Constitution protectors in the racism of the party, and not in an alleged hostility to Democracy. The most frequently mentioned Name is Björn Höcke, the head of the “wing” and the party and the Chairman of the AfD in Thuringia.

on The subject of racism it is, who wants to exclude a group because of the color of their skin, their faith or their origin is politically harmful to the democratic principles, as they were in the basic law formulated. The AfD care in Parts of cited a “biological-racial or ethno-cultural people term” that arises especially when the “wings” to Höcke, or in the young Alternative, the newspaper, the opinion.

And: “but those Who want a society in which certain groups of people a priori devalued Status attributed to such a humiliating and not exposed to the treatment, is directed against the guarantee of human dignity”, is another quote.

Basically, the Constitution protectors, criticism of the alleged criminality of certain groups of the population to write on Religion and living habits in terms of content allowed, even in the polemically sharp Form. “A limit is exceeded, where a certain population group, such as, for example, Muslims or ‘non-European migrants’, as by their nature criminal, aggressive, shoot-controlled, and dangerous.” Further transgressions of the Constitution protectors to see if Muslims will denied the right to freedom of self-expression, exercise of religion, or participation in the political decision-making process, “by their full adjustment in behavior and Thinking is demanded of the average German”.

A border-crossing are also requirements of the AfD, “when the members of minorities, people of adverse action – such as mass deportation without individual examination, deportations would have to be exposed to the threat of torture or death penalty and the absolute prohibition of the exercise of religion -“.

Constitution, advocates: Some Höcke-looking statements in breach of the basic law,

As a supporting document for an open enemy of the Constitution the rule of law under the right wing of the party is not cited in the opinion, among other things, a set of Höckes: “These people want to be German, of which we require you to integrate, of course, we require these people, that they assimilate here.” For this purpose, the constitutional protection writes: “Against the Background that Höcke people will not tolerate the Muslim faith, neither in Germany nor in Europe, and the construction of mosques as a Symbol of the country, taking evaluates to be averted”, one could understand his words only as a constraint that immigrants have to drop their Faith. “An Assimilation to Höckes ideas therefore violates the guarantee of human dignity in article 1 paragraph 1 of the basic law.”

money from Switzerland

dubious donations: AfD names of alleged patrons before


another Problem in Parts of the AfD, the well maintained “germanness”, which is nothing more than racism. To be quoted on this point the opinion is a statement of the party of the right, Hans-Thomas till Schneider: “Each of our thoughts, our words, our entire world view, English. How should we define, so to narrow down what is English? There is a German understanding of the family, to dress a German type. There is a German way to work, to cook a German way to build a German type, to play a German type, and this type is different from all other peoples.” The Constitution guards call it a “übergriffiges understanding of German identity”.

on the question of a System roll-over and the abolition of the democracy to the opinion, however, no dangerous tendencies in the AfD. “Finally, the AfD is committed in its policy programme, in principle, to the democratic structure of the state,” write the Constitution guards, “even if they criticized the parliamentary System”. A coup would, therefore, only some of the members of undetectable.

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