The Saxon protection of the Constitution has taken the right-wing populist grouping “Pro Chemnitz” into the visor. Since the end of 2018, the grouping will be observed, shared with the country office on Wednesday in Dresden.

Thus, evidence for target – and purposeful behavior, the substantial Protection of the free democratic basic order of combat. Members of the grouping have since spread to the homicide in Chemnitz at the end of August, apparent right-wing extremist content. In this case justify right-wing extremist Propaganda and violent crimes and tried to make these as legitimate.

a Few days after the deadly attack on a 35-year-old German was in the Saxon city to xenophobic Attacks, right-hand demonstrations with numerous offenses, such as Showing the Hitler salute, and attacks on foreign-owned Restaurants. Many of the demonstrations had filed “Pro Chemnitz”.

The prosecution had collected in the case of the death of Chemnitzers on Tuesday against a prisoners Syrians charge of community voluntary manslaughter, as well as the community attempted manslaughter and dangerous bodily injury. According to one refugees, Iraqis will in the world wanted. The indictment of a second, Iraqis will soon be decided, it said.

The main players of the “Pro Chemnitz” are themselves deeply rooted in right-wing extremist scene, and partly there are already long-standing, active, and informed of the protection of the Constitution. So they also supported many years of Holocaust deniers. Clearly the intention of the group to wear under the guise of criticism of the asylum policy of right-extremist movements in large parts of the society. “It will now look closely, the activities of the group, and the protection of the Constitution will report,” said a spokesman.

Chairman and co-founder of the “Pro Chemnitz” is the lawyer Martin Kohlmann. The 41-year-old Chemnitz was elected in 2004 to the Saxon chief of the party, The Republicans. Two years later, he joined the German Social Union (DSU), a right-wing conservative small party. Now Kohlmann is the Chairman of a three member city Council group in Chemnitz. He was involved, among other things, as a defender in the process against the legal terrorist group Freital. The Association of criminal defense lawyers in Saxony/Saxony-Anhalt had excluded Kohlmann last November.

For the Left in the Saxon Landtag, the observation comes too late. The grouping of “Pro Chemnitz” have worn their extremely right-wing thought under the guise of a critique of asylum policy over a long period of time quite undisturbed in the company, said the spokeswoman for the anti-fascist policy of the group, Kerstin Köditz.