The Federal protection of the Constitution classifies the AfD now also nationwide as a test case for a possible observation. A report of the Berlin “Tagesspiegel” has been confirmed by the news agencies AFP and DPA on Tuesday. Such a test, there are already subdivisions of the party, a decision about the observation is not made the decision yet. AfD Boss, Alice, perennial said in a first reaction of a “constructed test case”.

“Young Alternative”

Due to the observation by the constitutional protection: AfD-youth in Bremen and lower Saxony dissolves


the protection of the Constitution, President Thomas Haldenwang wants to Express in the course of the day on the handling of his authority with the AfD closer. Last year, the Thuringian state office had declared for the protection of the Constitution the local AfD-landesverband for the test case. To explain such a test case, the constitutional protectors of the organizations that are clearly not extremist, in which there are actual indications of anti-constitutional activities.

AfD”wings” to Höcke a case of suspicion,

The authority will examine the “daily mirror”according to a report in now on the basis of public Statements made by AfD members and is open to obvious Connections to the extreme right of the “Identitarian” movement, in the extent to which right-wing extremist aspirations in the party. An observation with intelligence agents, such as the Recruitment of the V-people, there is not a test case.

The Federal office for the protection of the Constitution has created the information, according to a 450-page report to the AfD. In this, the authority classifies according to the “daily mirror”, the AfD-youth organization “Young Alternative” (YES) and the Association “The wings” to the right of national Thuringian AfD-land-in-chief Björn Höcke as suspected cases. This is a higher level than the test case. In the case of a suspected case, messages are service agent such as a Observation and the cooperation with V-people as possible, as well as a data storage.

BfV examines Connections between YES and “Identitarian”

The YES is already observed by the protection of the Constitution authorities in Bremen, lower Saxony and Baden-Württemberg. The BfV is now also the suspicion that, YES, in Parts of the right-wing extremist so-called “Identitarian movement”. The “Identitarians” are conducted by the Federal statistical office since 2016 as a suspected case, and, accordingly, was observed.

the AfD group’s boss, Alice ryegrass responded by establishing a connection with the disposal of the former BfV President Hans-Georg Maaßen. She said: “It is now obvious why the protection of the Constitution President Maaßen the hat had to take. He had to get out of the way, to a ‘test case AfD’ construct”. Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) had moved Maaßen, in November, in temporary retirement. The background is an ambiguous Utterances Maaßens to protests in Chemnitz were more. The domestic policy spokesman of the Union group, Mathias Middelberg (CDU), said that the decision on the handling of the AfD was not a political question. It was “the expression of a fortified democracy and the rule of law.” The Deputy SPD Head of Eva Högl said it was a “first step, to set an anti-constitutional tendencies in the AfD a stop sign.”

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